Back button and central button do not work on samsung galaxy

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asked May 20, 2017 in Android by anonymous

I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. The problem is the following:
Out of nowhere the "back" (touch) button and the "home" button (physical), the strange thing is that when you press the "back" button, it makes the characteristic sound of when you press it.
Before this happened, I was customizing my cell phone with different launchers (the new launcher and the S8 launcher, which is so that it resembles a Galaxy s8), but this I do not think it is because I already uninstalled them and the problem persists.
so; The digitizer I do not think it is because the device detects that I am touching the button (since it makes the noise), but does not do the function of going back.
I do not know what to do. I appreciate the help in advance.


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answered May 20, 2017 by sonta

Before recommending a total reset of the device which is the last thing I like to do, since you mention that the problem appeared after installing a different Launcher, I would try 2 things:
1- Go to Settings and the application manager and there locate the app "Touchwiz Home" that is the Launcher of your Samsung and you give to delete cache and data.
You will lose your entire desktop and it will look like when you turned it on (the desktop only).
2-Turn off the mobile and turn on in Recovery mode and from there you do a Wipe cache partition and restart.
To see if this is fixed and that fault is just some conflict that was left with another Launcher and is not anything hardware.
You tell us.
P.d: To enter Recovery mode on your Samsung, turn it on by pressing the Volume +, Power and Home keys
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