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I am trying to transfer over to my new Nexus 5 32GB photos, videos, and music from my Galaxy S3. I have already copied the files from the S3 to my Macbook Air and am using Android File Transfer to deliver them to my Nexus 5. I find I can only manage a few seconds or so of file transfer before an error message pops up on the phone saying either "Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped" or "Unfortunately, Media Storage has stopped". Then Android File Transfer says it can't access device storage and I have to unplug and reinsert the USB cable to try again. Any ideas as to why this keeps happening?


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You could send an email to Google asking them to improve their Android File Transfer program, I guess... As I mentioned, I have switched over to using ADB and the OSX terminal program for any heavy lifting, and use AFT for the little stuff.

You could also run a program on your N5 and transfer files via WiFi. I have used WiFi File Transfer Pro with great success (though on my Galaxy Nexus; I haven't tried it yet on my N5). You run it on your N5 and it sets up a web server which you connect to with a web browser on your Mac (e.g., Safari or Chrome). Full graphic interface on your Mac, works over WiFi rather than USB.

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Have you tried airdroid client? Works like a charme, just install on your n5 , you can then navigate in your phone, even root, from their server, used to reinstall all my media and titanium back-up file from N4 to N5

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