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  1. Create a new Gmail account on the PC.
  2. We call from another number to your mobile.
  3. We took down and press the Home key mobile.
  4. Turn the wifi if it is turned off.
  5. Go to Settings -> Security and disable the unlock pattern. IF we know not to use the second option.
  6. Go to Settings -> Sync and add Gmail account just create us on the PC.
  7. Turn the wireless.
  8. We turn it on and enter the new Google Account

This method is only valid in some older versions of Android, so it is possible that the newer phones do not work. If this is the case should go to the Storage menu -> Factory data reset. This will erase everything we have on the mobile but would solve the problem.

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  1. Turn the wireless.
  2. Turn in recovery mode (by pressing the Volume Up, Home and Power at a time. If the phone has physical keys to call and hang need to press green call key, Home and on at a time).
  3. many options appear in a new menu (to move do with the volume keys).
  4. We chose the WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET option.
  5. When you finished choose the option REBOOT SYSTEM NOW.
  6. This will format the phone and left as it left the factory.

As we say the second option is how to format a PC, we lose everything we did not have stored on your microSD.

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