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Hi I have a problem I have a galaxy s6 edge sm-925t and it turns out that yesterday samsung sent me a notification to update the device because when I am installing it with smart switch everything was fine and when I finish updating the device reboot because it did not want to upload more And is left alone on the screen of samsung galaxy s6 edge powered by android ........ then try with android system recovery i will wipe data / reset factory - yes delete all user data ... then when i give it It says dm-verity verification failed to check drk first ...... because as it did not work I have no choice but to try with odin mode
(T-mobile) 5.0.2 because when I do everything comes out well it is reinstalled with odin but when the device is rebooted it leaves the sammobile and download odin3 3.10.6 and firmware for sm-g925t 2015-05-11 Android icon and when it goes by mita says eraising ..... then the device returns to the same beaded on the samsung galaxy s6 edge screen. I do not know what to do anyone can help me with this problem .... I will thank you

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Go to Recovery and do a:

Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik
Wipe User Media
Factory Reset
Let's see if he solved the problem.

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