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hello to all forum, I recently purchased this tablet  and I have 2 problems that I have no idea how to solve, and are as follows: 
wanting habrir the page. ebay classic, not habre and places; "The page contains too many server redirects" and not as habrirla, where I also tried to buy with the galaxy and the xoom and got it and they said they would consult me because they believed it was a matter of android. 
The second is, when you are turning the tablet by the sides there are white lights that come from within the screen, is not this unproblema and you can not if I centender, and do not know how to say it more clearly 
in advance; 
thank you

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Hi !! : welcome: 
EBay What seems to happen in many Android devices. In which I am testing also happens. Surely there is a specific problem eBay server that does not handle well the case when it enters is a Andorid. All I can advise you, if you have not already, is that the application uses the Market "official eBay app." I've tried it and it is very good, you can do almost the same thing from the web;) 
As far as the lights ... I do not have very clear. Only come when the side lights are switched tablet ?? If so I do not think it's anything bad, to see if another forero with the same tablet has it and you can confirm if it also happens, or you can ask the service technician to see Asus ... If the lights are maintained throughout the time, could be light leakage, which is a manufacturing fault with some tablets, but also have greater significance that visual discomfort

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Thanks, all proves what you say and lights, is like a light leak, when you turn and this announcement with asus black screen, seen in a dark enclosure light leakage 
ire and counting 
Thanks again
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The leakage of light, as is said macedonian is a manufacturing defect that occurs in such far iPad 2 Try to clear the screen and put the gloss black butt (with a film for instance), and looks at see if it is the same. I assume you mean something like this: 
If so, light leaks are seen in all TV and even mobile devices, it is common, this happens because they are not well sealed LEDs spread across the screen frame. Although depediendo what bother, you must decide whether to return or exchange it for another, and you do not bread fault if you explain spells, however, and are within the 2 year warranty. 
We already have, good luck friend;)
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