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How to run two simultaneous Dropbox or an external USB

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Now that more and more used Dropbox to share files with friends and colleagues, begins to show that sometimes we would like to install it in another folder than the program by choosing the default, such as an external hard drive, or even a USB flash drive, with the convenience of being able to remove them and take the files over. Especially for example by designers and photographers, who walk switching between Windows and Mac during the day. 
And this is what we can do with Dropbox Portable: Dropbox allows us to synchronize with USB flash drives or external drives, but also allows us to run multiple versions of Dropbox, simultaneously. 
Many people have a personal Dropbox account and another for work, and sometimes for whatever reason, need to transfer files from one account to the other. With this application you can have an account installed on the hard drive, another on a flash drive and keep both synchronized to run two versions of the application. Portable Dropbox even allows you to change the color of the Dropbox icon to differentiate one from another. 
Obviously we can use it to have Dropbox installed only in external memory, either pendrive USB, microSD, external disk, so that with its "Sync & Go" function we can extract the memory to carry anywhere. 
A tool to consider when much Dropbox is used and has a lot of mobility and / or little disk space PC. 
For now it is only compatible with Windows.

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