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How can I recover deleted iPhone voice memos? I've recorded many voice memos on my iphone 5s, and deleted them all. Help!

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I just had the same problem after upgrading to iOS 8. It tries to re-index the recordings, then crashes and says there are no recordings. Download and install iFunBox: http://dl.i-funbox.com/ Connect your phone and go to the leftmost tab. You'll see Voice Memos. Right click on that and select "copy to PC" and select a directory. Apple will probably fix this bug eventually.

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Try Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone iPad iPod, it could help you recover lost iPhone contents by extracting from iTunes backup file, have  a try!
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If the voice memos have not been deleted for long, you can use iTunes to restore your iPhone to see whether the memos are retrieved. If you regularly update your iPhone backup, you'll probably get the lost datas back.

Also,it is not difficult to get back Your lost data from iPhone for iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone.I hope it is useful to you.
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Check out if there is an iTunes or iCloud backup.

If yes, you can recover from that, if not, you can recover the data with a recovery tool.

There are many recovery tools for iphone, which can retrieve deleted voice memos on iphone6/5.
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Check out the iTunes or iCloud backup, if no backup files, you can use an ios data recovery tool to recover voice memos.  Retrieve Deleted Voice Memos on iPhone 6/5S.

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