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How to fix error 5002 Android game The Sims (and in general with all of EA)

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If you're of those who bought a game for Android by Electronic Arts (EA) and you try to use it appears a mysterious bug 5002, I want to tell you that is no solution. But yes, it is a programming error in the game.

This error 5002 is not very common but blocks access to several sets of EA Games, the most famous being that of "The Sims Free". This error occurs when we want to access the game, displaying a message like the following:

"A server error has occurred. Please visit www.eamobile.com/countrygate to choose your country and click the customer support link (5002) "

The cause of Error 5002 games EA Games is because the resolution of computer screen is not supported by the game ... and the main reason is that EA program their games to the devices more "fashionable" at the time launched every game, and no, do not bother to provide compatibility with previous brands and models or low resolution. And I do not say, what they say themselves, here on their support page.

But today I will summarize the instructions taken from various sources, to resolve error 5002 in all EA games, either Sims FreePlay, Mass Effect, FIFA, NBA Jam, Dead Space ...

The first thing you should try is if you still get the error when you put the device in landscape screen, that is, lying at 90 °. If that does not serve you, read on.

There is an excellent video on YouTube made ​​by MisterGamer2505, they can view at the end of this article.

Before you begin, you should know that this method can be applied ONLY if your Android device has access "root". Your device is rooted means that allows you to access features that manufacturers often hide for safety and security. Normally devices that offer telephone are not rooteados Do not bring disaster to the settings. If you can not root the phone or tablet, you can take it to a professional technician or if you decide to lose the warranty, the method to search the internet for your device. Rooteo method is different for each brand and model, so it must be done thoroughly and knowing that failure can damage the phone permanently. Even some teams second marks are almost impossible to root.

If you dare to rooting, or you can not root the team, or do not have someone suitable to hand to do it, it would be healthier to forget the game and uninstall. I will be crude, yes. But the last thing you need are false hopes.

If your device is rooted, continue with the tutorial.

You must follow these steps to resolve the error:

Download a free app from Google Play called "LCD Density". This application allows you to check if your device is rooted and that it only works on computers with root access.

Once we installed the application and open a message and a button that says "Continue", on which we will appear click and you should see something like this:

[image was here]

This app will change the screen resolution by force. In this initial screen we see and remember the value shown in the upper left corner, the Default value is the native resolution of the device, and varies by brand and team, but we recommend you write down the original data because we might need it later. Then select the closest value 240. not possible, choose one of less than 240 Below the yellow bar, as seen in the picture above, a menu for selecting different options should appear: select the "killall" option and press "Apply (Restart)".

If all goes as it should, the device should restart automatically if it does not, it is because you are not root.

After restart, appear once or twice a screen message saying: "Stopped application UI system"

Unfortunately, the UI system application stopped

OK just play and you have to keep in mind that you can come back a few more times. Also notice that the bottom bar disappeared from Android, so we must be careful because we will not go back button for example.

At this point you have to open the application from The Sims Free and 5002 and the error should not appear and work perfectly, and now must be able to complete the download or updates! To exit the game have to force shutdown Android device by holding down the block button and I turn it on again it will be quite normal, as before reappears the bottom bar of Android and not the error message UI appears system.

Once we have restarted and back everything to normal, we need to open the game normally without having to do all the above steps, which are necessary only for the game to download data, such as the first time we used or when it is updated every month.

If still does not work, just repeat this procedure several times trying different resolutions LCD Display app, that allows you to play without having to do all the steps of the tutorial.

Keep in mind that when the game says you need to get out updates, then we have to repeat the steps using the LCD Density app.

If after restarting the computer the resolution does not return to normal, you'll have to reopen the app LCD Density and set the resolution that the device had before all these tests.

If every time you start the game, it attempts to download data, try turning off the wifi, 3G / 4G, put the computer on airplane mode if it is a phone, and then start the game to see if it can be solved with this .

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this post solved my problem about the sims 3 game, thanks
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The above changing of resolution didn't work for me for deadspace. However I did find the error and perhaps other games have similar issue (where their package is tagged wrong in regards to what the actual apk name is).

Here is a fix for 4.4.2 KitKat: Game is installing from google play as com.ea.deadspace_na its actual package however is com.ea.deadspace_na-1
If you have root access you can fix by by using pm to reinstall the apk.

On rooted device:
1. adb shell pm list packages -f deadspace (-f tells it to show the package file names and the deadspace reference is a filter for what to find) .

Output will look something like :
adb shell pm list packages -f deadspace

2. Once you have the package reference you can perform a reinstall of that apk using pm by issuing adb shell pm install -r <package path> Where -r tells it to perform a reinstall (keeping its existing files and data)

adb shell pm install -r /data/app/com.ea.deadspace_na-1.apk
pkg: /data/app/com.ea.deadspace_na-1.apk

3. if all that goes well you should see success message. At that point open deadspace app and it should prompt to download the files to allow you to play the game
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I can't play any sim games on
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I  really don't know  because I have created a ea account then CAME Here
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How to fix error code on the sims 3
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I think it will work mine will work because I have a new phone
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Error nfs most wanted game how to play game
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