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How to download APK files Google Play Store

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Sometimes we may need to download the file to install an application off line if, for example, the Android device can not connect to the Internet or if an online installation went wrong, or even if an application is not available for your country . 
But as Google Play Store does not provide a way to download apps to the PC, to solve this came APK Downloader, a web service that allows us to download the APK file from any Android application from PC to Play Store. 
To install the APK file, we have to copy it from your PC to a folder on the device using the USB cable, and then the Android we're going to Settings> Applications, and you enable the option "Install from unknown sources" (or "allow unknown sources "if we have it in English). Then look for the folder where you copied the file and run it. The latter will be easier if installed before any file management app like Total Commander. 
The website where you find the downloader is apk-downloader 
Using it is very easy, because you can just copy the URL of the application on Google Play and paste it into the box Downloader APK download: 
Picture Downloader APK download:
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