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How to install iOS Beta 3 of 8 in iPhone and iPad without Developer

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To install iOS 8 Beta 3 in any of the iOS devices are two very simple ways. The first is when you go to install the Beta3 version for the first time on iPhone and iPad, for this we recommend downloading the appropriate link to your device and then you follow the steps in our tutorial to install the Beta version 8 iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 
Moreover, if you already have installed the Beta 2 of iOS version 8 on any of your iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices to test the Beta 3 just have to update through the same device via OTA, with the following steps: 
Settings> General> Software Update 
At this point you just have to click on Download and then install, the device will ask for the security code on the device, you enter, you accept the terms and conditions, and then let the device update only. 
Note: iOS beta 3 8 functions with iPhone and iPad (with 3G or 4G connectivity) Orange, Vodafone, Movistar and other mobile operators. It is important to download the version that corresponds to the device you have to avoid any failure. If the device is locked by the operator, this will only work with a SIM card of the corresponding operator.

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Steps to install iOS 8 Beta 1 in iPhone or iPad without Developer 
To install iOS 8 Beta 1 of  in an iPad or iPhone compatible with the operating system (the same as 7 except iOS iPhone 4), we simply follow these steps: 
  1. We unloaded our device the corresponding installation package (IPSW). Here you have them all. 
  2. We connect the device to your computer via USB cable. 
  3. Open iTunes and access to the view showing the Search button update our iPad or iPhone. 
  4. We click on the Check for Updates button while holding down the Alt key on Mac or Shift on Windows. 
  5. Find and select the IPSW file that you downloaded in step 1 for  beta 1 to iOS8. 
  6. We hope to finish the upgrade process and the device is restarted. 
  7. As mentioned before, it is recommended that before installing the beta 1 of iOS 8 we conduct a full backup of the device, because if something goes wrong we can always restore your iPhone or iPad and retrieve all the information from backup, it it will allow us to regain our device as if nothing had happened. 
Then we leave you with a video where the whole process of installing iOS 8 beta 1 in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad explained.
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