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How to configure and use Share Family on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8  can you help me ios8 share family contacts 

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Make the most of "Family Sharing" on your iOS device 8 
Family Share is a new feature introduced, or rather improved by Apple in its new version of mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 8, ​​this will allow users to share any type of content purchased from the App Store function, Store iTuner yi BookStore within a given family. Here we tell you how this new functionality is configured to make the most possible.
How to set "Family Share" on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8
First of all, it is important to know that this feature, Family Share, you can easily turn on the iPhone and iPad via Settings> iCloud, at this point we will have to access a special section which is called "Family". If we agree to that section, you can select the members of the family that we want to add the digital group which will be created in iCloud and will allow take advantage of the feature to share apps, music and books. 
The first thing to do is setup the service on your device, for this we must: 
1-When you start configuring this service, the first screen of "Family Share" will present a simple preview of what we will be able to make this feature of iCloud. By clicking Continue you can monitor the configuration of our Apple ID, so this will just have to enter your user name and password. 
2-Then again after pressing Continue, we see on the screen the configuration of our virtual family. 
At this point we have created a group. As the creator, we will be the principal or staff member.
Now it will be a matter of adding people to the family group.
How to add members to the Family Share from iPhone and iPad 
Once you've followed the steps to configure Family Sharing our iOS device 8 in the section Family Settings iCloud, will be a matter of adding members to serve on the virtual family. For this we need: 
  1. Click on Add family member ... 
  2. Enter the name or the email address of the person or group of people you want to add. 
  3. Then, before sending the invitation, we will introduce our Iclod password (same as our Apple ID). 
  4. By doing this we confirm the main method of payment. 
  5. At this point we can decide if the guest member may or may not have access to payment methods. 
  6. Now click Continue to Apple sends confirmation of invitation to "Family" to selected people.
Once users confirm their invitation, they may start using the shared account by the "Organizer" family directly from any device. If your child is under 13, you can also create an Apple ID for children. 
It is important to note that although we give ourselves access to our children, we should not worry about unintended purchases. Apple has made involuntary purchases are impossible of all thanks to a new feature called "Parental approval." Now, when a purchase is made by a person under 18 years, or any of the devices that have this control activated, Apple seek approval parent or organizer, immediately, before completing the purchase, so that the parent must enter the password for your Apple ID. 
It is important to note that this feature, Share Family, can be used for a maximum of 6 people who want to use the same method of payment for purchases made through the Apple Store.


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