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I want to learn whether someome is blocked me or not, how can I learn?

how do i know i'm blocked in Whatsapp?

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From WhatsApp : 

solution how do u know i'm blocked in whatsapp

There are some indications that a contact has blocked WhatsApp:

  1. Since you can not see the time of your Last Prev once or chat online on the window.
  2. Updates not see the photo of the contact profile.
  3. All messages sent to a contact has blocked you are left with a tick (message sent) but never leaves the second tick (indicating delivery of the message).

If it turns out that all the conditions detailed above exist, you may contact has blocked. But it is not an absolute conclusion. It is a bit ambiguous on purpose, to protect your privacy if you decide to block a contact. We can not confirm if someone has blocked you or not, because it would be a violation of the privacy of that person.

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Hello!! My question is whether I locked the situation this way: this person has a nokia and iphone 4s this person as much his fault as whatsapp as "failure" see his name but not the time of the last connection, detailIt is that their status updates I see, such as five days has not served as his whatsapp and their status appears to have me as seven hours to change it (and really has changed his sentence to another)? You can change the state while the application to fail ?? I find it somewhat contradictory and ultimately, the person I block you can see what I do ?? (last date of connection, photo and status ?? Many thanks for the help
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In principle, when you said that "failure" is because it does not work as fluid as you can work with the iPhone you note that in principle this application, WhatsApp, has been created for iPhone first and then the time came the expansion to other platforms, which do not enjoy the same advantages as iOS users. The same problem happened to me known that BlackBerry use and their "failure" App although much can still be used, yes. If you block yourself, the person who blocks if you can see your information unless you do the same.
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Hi, I understand what he says and has served me help. Thanks But I have a problem is that I wonder if under the name rather than not get out now or anything, but I get the last time you logged in (a week ago) may have locked me? is that I find it very strange that not connect ... is a long time, but as I get the date does not agree with what you said that if I would not have bloquedada me anything. You can help? Thank you.
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When someone blocks to another WhatsApp may be an action not advise. Maybe it's unpredictable. Therefore, when you want to continue communicating with someone who has locked the other, is really feeling the cold feeling of being ignored.
The most unfortunate part of all this is that there are people who do not know what exactly happens: Is no signal ?, he left the country ?, has the cell off ?, it fell in the toilet? The right question goes a bit further: What did or said I no longer answer my messages? The answer: I do not know, but the fact that you were locked.
Here we give you five tips to decipher whether or not that person does not want "anything with you":
1. When did you last logged in?
While there is a function to hide this information, for the voiceless activated is a good indicator. If you used to see under your name the date and time of your last connection and at any moment he disappeared, it could be a reliable indication of blockage.
2. How many tickets there next to your posts?
This we have indicated before, when you post two tickets appear alongside the text, this means that the message was "sent" from your device and "received" in contact (which does not ensure it has been "read") . When after a considerable time only ticket appears next to your post (the "sent"), you may message was not received because you are locked.
3. The contact profile picture does not change
If you do not see the picture updates contact profile is an indication that you might be locked. But there as users never change that image, to be absolutely sure the ultimate test beam with points 4 and 5 below.
4. Try adding the contact to a group
This testing will not leave doubts: if you want to know if a contact blocked you try to add a group conversation. If you see a message that appears to do: "You are not authorized to add this contact," sorry ... Indeed, it has blocked you.
5. Try adding it from another phone
Another infallible test is to ask a friend or acquaintance your phone, or occupy another alternative you have, and add the contact number that you suspect has blocked you. If you can see a picture of a different profile or other status message, it is virtually certain that you have been blocked.
According WhatsApp, the application is not authorized to notify when a person has locked to another, as this would breach the privacy policies.
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So many inquiries from our readers that come to us through the comments about whether they have locked Whatsapp we have decided to write a related post to the topic.

How to know if I was blocked in Whatsapp?Personal relationships through Whatsapp create situations of tension and stress hitherto unseen. The fact that we send a message to someone and do not reply us even if connected or it's check does not arrive by the known symbol of the double "check" makes us imagine all sorts of nasty explanations. Jealousy and suspicion immediately arise and who feels secure, sometimes resorts to privacy controls to hide information other.

One of the most disturbing situations the user Whatsapp is whether a particular contact has him locked . The lock is used to prevent someone contact us and prevent find out private information such as profile picture, status, and late connection.


Let's see what the clues to know if someone has blocked us in his agenda Whatsapp are.

Clues to know if they have blocked me

  • A single 'check' in messages. If we write to someone who has blocked messages we will never reach the two marks, will always be a simple mark.

    How to know if I was blocked in Whatsapp?


    Furthermore, although later we unlock, those messages never reach him. But beware, this situation of 'single brand', may temporarily occur if the recipient is not covered, which can be misleading if the time period is long. In this case, when retrieving messages coverage will reach, provided that the period of time without connection has not exceeded 30 days.

  • Late connection . Another clue, but neither is definitely not showing us his last connection. The place where this information is shown empty. But we know that privacy options could achieve the same effect. He could have chosen a 'no' to display that data or 'my contacts' and we would not see if we are not part of your phonebook.
  • The profile picture . Who blocking a contact, prevents him from seeing his profile picture. Therefore, if you do not see your photo we think that has blocked us, but as before, is not an infallible sign, because it could simply having eliminated. In this regard, it should add another detail. If you have assigned a picture to the contact on our agenda phone, WhatsApp will show how the profile picture if there is another. That is, we may be seeing a picture in your profile contact Whatsapp though that has us locked.
  • The state . The same situation occurs with the last connection. Blocking hides, but also you can get the same effect by setting privacy.

How to confirm that they have blocked me?

In view of the above, it is not easy to confirm that we have blocked. We could be verifying each of the previous tracks and still not be definitive. But there would be some way to confirm ...

  • Compare with a friend in common . One way to tell if a contact has blocked us would compare what we see her profile on our own with what he sees another user to maintain the same relationship with him. That is, if we suspect a particular contact toknow that we have on your agenda , we should compare what we see on your profile that which sees a third party who also is friends with him . If that third friend sees more information than we can see, we can ensure that it has blocked us.
  • Using an unknown number . We can enter the number you want to investigate on the agenda of a third mobile we know that is unknown to him. We can then see the information offered to the general public. If you see more information in their profile unknown to us, is also sure that we blocked.
  • Invite contact to join a group . Another surefire way to know if someone has blocked we are inviting you to join a group created by ourselves method. If an error message similar to the following indicating that it is not possible incorporation is because we blocked appears. (Currently shown in English with an error, hopefully soon corrected).

    How to know if I was blocked in Whatsapp?


    This method has a drawback. In the case of inviting the group to contact us really has not locked, it will appear on your Whatsapp this new group and be part of it. You can not create a group and delete it immediately as to perform a "secret" test, the group is created and notified in any case, which could reveal our intentions .

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will i be notified if am blocked on whatsapp?
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I tried these tips and truth that have helped me, especially the issue of inviting another person in a group to see if I have blocked. I had not seen elsewhere and is the most effective test to do ... thanks!
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Like all these points can go away when the user was stolen or lost phone. I have a modified WhatsApp allows me to do too many convenient features, including appear offline to all my contacts and still be connected and be able to chat. Greetings!
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If you reach double check and also blue is because it comes and reads. Not see the time is something that does not correspond to normal operation. Maybe that person retains an old version of problems with the new functions. Should not happen.
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To check ur blocked or not just change ur number to a different number n sign in again. You will come to know. The person will not be knowing u that ur still can see him on9 moreover your no. is still shown to him as old number not the new number of which u hav signed in.
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There are some tricks to prevent this function when using WhatsApp , but can not be disabled if you already have the updated version.

WhatsApp has updated its section devoted to information about their famous ticks coinciding with the release of this feature and so it is clear what each one .

In the past, the gray double check generated some controversy, because some users thought it meant that a message had been read, rather than delivered. So WhatsApp explains that ticks indicate the status of sending and receiving the message.

  • A gray tick: the message was delivered to the server.
  • Double tick gray: the message was delivered to the recipient's device.
  • Double blue tick: the recipient read your message.

In a group chat, twice appear as gray tick all participants have received the message. Double blue tick indicates that all participants have read the message.

A notice is not infallible

Whatssapp warns that the system is not foolproof and may not all brands will appear.

For example, if only one tick mark next to the message does not mean that there is a problem with WhatsApp or your mobile phone. Here are some likely explanations:

  • The phone your friend is off or have low / dead battery.
  • Your friend may be asleep , especially if you live elsewhere in the world.
  • Maybe your friend does not have an Internet connection (if you are in an elevator, if you are roaming or if you have no credit / balance on the phone, for example).
  • Maybe your friend has seen the notification on the phone screen, but has not opened WhatsApp to receive the message (this is very common in the case of iPhone).
  • Maybe your friend has blocked you .

Indicative of a blockage

As the company itself says, there are some indications that a contact has blocked you :

  • Since you can not view their last time or online chats screen.
  • Do not see the updates his profile picture .
  • All messages sent to a contact has blocked you are left with one tick / checkmark (message sent) but never get the second tick / check mark (indicating the delivery of the message).



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does whatsapp one check mark mean I am blocked?
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Maybe you had a little falling out, or a misunderstanding, and now you wonder if one of your contacts has blocked you on WhatsApp?

You contact someone via WhatsApp and you no longer have news from this person for a while? Wondering if the person has blocked you?

Here I'll explain how to tell if you were blocked in WhatsApp.

How to know if it is blocked on WhatsApp? 

There are three factors to be considered. The combination of the three indication will show you in 99% of cases, if a contact has you hang on WhatsApp.

You do not see the date of last connection

The first factor is that you will not be able to see "the last connection date", the login information and "online" indicator in the chat window.

However, this is not actually infallible indicators since last WhatsApp tricks that allow you to easily change the information "Last seen at  ..." and set it to OFF.

Locate the two notches

The second factor, when you send a message to a contact that has blocked you, it will always show a check mark (1 check) (indicating that the message was sent), but the second check (indicating that the message was delivered) does not appear. Two ticks signify that the message was sent and delivered successfully. If you sent a message and it shows that a "check", there is a big risk that you have been blocked.

The profile picture is always the same

The most likely is that he did not simply change. But if you find that there is no change in the profile photo, or your contact information from the profile for some time. In this case, ask to one or more mutual friends on WhatsApp to certify that there have been name changes or the contact profile in question. If this friend sees changes in the profile of your contact, then you not, that means you've been stuck on WhatsApp.

You cannot invite to a group

This element is the final proof: create a group and try to add the contact as you suspect. If a message appears saying "Error adding the participant name. You do not have permission to add this contact, "and that everything else is positive ... is that he has blocked you on WhatsApp or has changed its name.

Although these factors may suggest that you have been blocked, they are not 100% reliable. WhatsApp developers have intentionally left this ambiguous issue to protect the privacy of anyone who chooses to block someone. Any indicator that merely proves that a person has been blocked violates privacy.

So, in case you discover that you have been stuck on WhatsApp, the question for a champion is to know: how to be unblocked? Well, there's nobody in this world that can take you to the black list , apart from the stopper itself. Try to resolve disputes amicably.

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I always use a tool called WhatsBlockApp just google it
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