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How you find out if your neighbor is stealing your WiFi How to discover if your neighbor is stealing WiFi you."

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1: Download the application 
For this case we have chosen to use the Wireless Network Watcher application, its reputation and favorable assessment as to their task of detecting who is connected to our WiFi network. 
To proceed with the download we access the program website. If we continue down on it we find something like what you can see in the following image below. 
We have two available links. If you do not want to install anything we opted for the first. When we extract the three files downloaded and run WNetWatcher.exe.
2: Implementation and analysis of results 
At the beginning of the detection devices connected to our WiFi network application starts automatically. 
These will appear identified by their MAC address, company that manufactured the network adapter, device information (if any) or text username, which can be useful when someone connects to your computer to our network, for example someone with a PC and show us your username. 
Can you imagine that is the neighbor?

steal wireless

3: What device is it? 
Now come the questions, because this is the hardest part. Some lines of output have enough information to identify which pertenencen device, but we have our doubts with others. 
If you look at the image of the previous step, we have a network adapter Supermicro, which is the manufacturer of our motherboard, which we know is our team (besides that we Device information also indicates: Your computer) . We are at home using a repeater signal of the TP-LINK brand, which also identified. 
But what about those who do not? It could be mobile, for example. We will, therefore, to find out how to find the MAC address on 7 operating systems iOS, Android or Windows Phone 8 In addition, we will see how to view the MAC address of our equipment with Windows 8. 
If a MAC that does not correspond with any of our devices, then yes you have to start to suspect that it may be an unwanted access. 
4: Meet the MAC in iOS 7 
For iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, get the MAC address is obtained as follows. 
We go to Settings. Here we go to General. Now we choose information and seek WiFi Address. 
Image Source: soportedi.uc.cl 
ios mac 
5: Find the MAC in Android 
android mac 
The procedure to find the MAC address with Android is also very simple. It is go to Settings, choose About Phone and then go to Info Hardware / Wifi Mac Address. 
6: MAC Windows Phone 
Now all we need, as far as regards mobile operating systems, know how to know the MAC of a device using Windows Phone. 
We go to Settings (still in start sliding your finger left) / Information / Learn more. Here we will address, among many other details. 
7: Windows 8, knowing the MAC 
The turn of the latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 In it, find the MAC address requires the following steps. We go to network connections. One way is through the Control Panel-Network and Internet-Network Connections, or simple screen would start looking for network connections. 
When we are watching all the network adapters right click on that do not appear as offline and are Ethernet or WiFi. We position now on the name Gigabit Network Connection ... and see the MAC address. 
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