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Dear friends,
I encourage you to comment on this issue if it happen to you and you have a better solution.
For a few months, maybe a year ago, is dropped as if by magic the phone number that is the center of Movistar SMS messages (or so I explained the technical service Movistar).
To reconfigure it I have to dial the following code:
** 5005 * 7672 * +34609090909 #
After I press the call button and an error message appears if the problem is fixed. SMS working again.
What you do not know is why it happens so often and why. Now I use other messaging services through the network rarely resort to the SMS, but when I do I almost always have to reset the message center.
Do you ever tried?

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It has never happened to me so. Tried already to reset the network settings?
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The first time it happened I did all the tests and I guess he knew also reestablished the network settings. Since I called Movistar and they said the "trick" is what I do every time it happens.
I'll try to do the restore also the next time it happens, you may have luck this time.
Thanks and best regards,
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When Movistar give you a trick that, is that something must gener fucked at a point between your phone and your number because management is not normal, no.
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So it seems that touched my china. Well, more will be lost in Cuba, :-)
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I imagine you've already tried to restore the iPhone completely right?
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I guess yes I did at the time, but the fault is played frequently.
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2 months ago I did the same. Googling I found out that code. I already suspected it was the message center (for older phones was easy to change) iPhone but did not know how so googling found the code you mention and the problem is solved.
The fact is that when you least expect it, you will send SMS and again was deconfigured you. To me has passed at least 3 times.
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Well if it's weird, I have an iPhone 4 Orange and has never happened to me
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It has never happened to me.
I think that data is within the SIM card, that or from the plant itself that "the service is disabled."
Just changing the card? movistar because trying to solve a problem I see sooooo strange impossible.
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Yesterday I happened again.
To change the card I have to talk to Movistar and explanation, plus I'm afraid that the shots go by another site. Thanks anyway for the suggestion,
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Hi, have you tried installing the Operator settings? The carrier settings updates include updates for the access point names (APN) settings MMS messaging, Internet Sharing and benefits as predetermined as Stocks, Maps and Weather apps. May from time to time receive notices informing you that there is a carrier settings update ready to install, it may be that you have is giving you trouble?
Follow these instructions to install carrier settings updates for your iPhone or iPad with iOS:
Make sure your device has a valid Internet connection.
Select Settings> General> About. If an update is available, a dialog box appears.
I leave you more information on the following link to Apple Support.
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 Many thanks,
Looks like you have not updated because it shows me a dialog box, I have installed version 11.0
Long time I have not received any update carrier settings ago, but it seems that the fault lies elsewhere.
Thanks for the help,
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