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I have a screen problem with my galaxy s5 what happens esq the computer turns on but you do not see anything (black screen) this problem happened to me x five times the first four removing the battery went back to normal to 5 no longer revived someone who Help me x favor thanks

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I think that the first and most thing is that you take it as a guarantee, as it would not be a problem of your own.
Something you could try is also to turn it off and connect it to the charger and see if it turns on the screen, so you discard that it is Hardware.
If so, you could try to enter Download or Recovery mode (with this you could restore your computer)

In case you have information, try turning it on and calculating the time at which it should already be on.

You comment if there is any solution out there before going for the guarantee

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I already take it to the warranty but as it has a small lady say that it is not covered by the warranty and I have been told that it is necessary to change the screen but in fact I do not think that it is since I never fell and I already take the battery and Everything but nothing when I turn it on starts heating and also you hear beeps when I connect to charge it turns on the red led. I would like to know if there is a solution I can do?
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I have the same problem with my S5, suddenly the black screen and press the button to activate it only turn on the lights at the bottom of the screen and the led light ... To turn it on what I do is remove it and Put the battery but sometimes it turns on until after several attempts. I would like to know if you solved this problem with your cel ...
I already took it with a technician, it changed the display and it remained the same ...
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Go to recovery and erase the data, it is the best option
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Good, I also have an S5, I try different ROM'S and in all the same thing happens to me, the only way I found it so that the screen does not go black is to keep the brightness to the maximum, when I did that it did not give me more problems until now ... I hope it has served you many thanks: "D
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