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Repair is required if Windows 8 does not work properly due to a problem with your installation or otherwise. Or when not even get the computer starts. Often it is due to an error caused by improperly installed programs or drivers. Also virus or corrupted operating system files. 
Tools repairing Windows 8 lets you recover your system without formatting the disk. That prevents you from losing your programs and files.
how to slove bootmgr image is corrupted 

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If the PC does not start ...

1-Start the PC with CD or USB of Windows 8. 

2-When you boot from CD you should get the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Do it (has not given you time? Reboot and try again). 
3-If you've used a Windows 8 USB, stick to wait out a window on language choices. 
4-Choose the Spanish in the language and format window and click Next. 
5-In the new window, click the bottom left Repair your computer.
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If Windows 8 is operational ...


1-Bring the pointer to the upper right corner of the Desktop and click Settings in the sidebar.

2-Out a new bar blue background. Click Change plan settings down PC (see the images above-lower-part). 
3-The settings window opens. Choose from the list on the left general use. 
4-Looking to the right, the bottom, the advanced option and click the Start Now button is Reset after its description. 
In both cases ... 
You'll see the recovery window Windows 8 Follow the link to try the automatic repair.
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How to Auto Repair Windows 8 and windows 8.1

Use the automatic repair of Windows 8 is the easiest way to try to solve problems you have. Try to repair it yourself, you should not intervene or special knowledge


1-Take any CD or USB flash drive you have connected. 
2-Enter the recovery tools window (follow the steps in Listing 1 if you do not know how). 
3-By clicking Troubleshooting. 
4-A new window opens. Click Advanced in it. 
5-Choose Auto Repair. 
6-The PC restarts and the wizard prompts you to select your Windows 8 clicking on it. 
7-Enter your password and click Continue. 
Windows 8 diagnose your PC for errors and attempts to fix them.
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Does the auto repair has not resolved the problem?
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Does the auto repair has not resolved the problem? how to fix if  auto repair has not resolved the problem?


Click the Advanced button in the summary of attempted repair. This shows again the recovery window before (or enters it as a tale in Sheet 1 if necessary). 

Click Troubleshoot again and then click Advanced Options. 
Check out these other tools that you can run it from there: 
system Restore 
This is a good solution when Windows crash has caused an incorrect driver or program. 
Lets go back to a system restore point, as you can also do in Windows 7, XP or Vista. 
Start an MS-DOS. Use it to retrieve data from your PC and save your files and folders on a USB flash drive or disk. They will be safe even if you get no repair Windows. 
System Image Recovery 
In Windows 8 has a similar system images Windows 7 based This option is only usable if you have created one at some point. 
Startup Settings 
It is a new option in Windows 8 makes you restart the PC to get access to several bonus tools. 
You can enable booting in Safe Mode or Safe. And enable or disable various system features. The idea is that aa help you determine the cause of blue screen errors or get into Windows.
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How to Restore windows 8.1 

To restore your PC:

Enter the tool window repair Windows 8 as explained in Tab 1. 

Click Troubleshoot problems and then Restore your PC. 
Click Next on the window that summarizes what will happen when restoring Windows. 
Maybe you should choose your Windows 8 account and then provide your password. 
Insert the CD for Windows 8 or recovery disk if you get the message "insert the installation media ...". And press the Reset button when prompted. 
The computer restarts. 
NO if no key pressures get a message on boot the PC from CD. Nor do other times it can be restarted. 
Restoring Windows starts. On average it takes about 10 minutes, but can be more on slow computers. 
Stick to wait until the usual welcome window appears Windows 8 Set your password as you normally would. 
Makes about information screens and the installation is prepared. Then you will see the new Desktop Windows 8 and you've finished. You can now remove the CD. 
When the restore does not solve anything is the option to reset Windows
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