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How to calibrate our Touch ID

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How to recalibrate our Touch ID

Over time, whether due to some change in our footprint, dirt or moisture, Touch ID is likely to present problems. To avoid this, we will see a series of measures, simple most, but we should not let pass.

  • Cleaning the sensor to remove residues that may affect the operation of the sensor.
  • Enter Settings, and then Touch ID, where we erase our current footprint.
  • We proceed to add the five fingerprints allowed of different fingers, in order to achieve a better success when unlocking our device.
  • We must add our fingerprints following the steps that the screen indicates to the letter: we placed in the first phase our finger lifting and touching several times on the sensor, and in the second phase of recognition, marking with the sides of our chosen finger .

Have you done all the steps and still giving problems?
If the problem persists, we must choose to perform a forced restart of our device, a process that repairs many system failures caused by a continuous use and accumulation of useless tasks and files.

If this option is still unsuccessful, we will need to perform a full system restore through iTunes.

If the problem still persists, we must go to the nearest technical service to proceed with its replacement. The most superficial layer of the Touch ID is sapphire for the simple reason that the slightest scratch, would influence the operation of the same, any breakage could be the cause of the problem.

In addition to maintaining a memory in our terminal, battery or storage, we also have to be careful with a sensor that we continuously use. For this reason it is advisable to update our tracks at the end of the time and always completing the five options, in case of any failure.

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