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How to Fixed serious error  ce-33945-4 on  PlayStation 4  how can i rid of  serious error  ce-33945-4 on  PlayStation 4

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A grave error has been affecting some users of PlayStation 4 that prevents run or purchase games on this console. The "CE-33945-4" error, which, according to Sony, affects only "a very small number of users", prevents access any service or PS4 game and, apparently, if the user can start a game reserve PSN and subsequently canceled by the customer service from Sony. 
The Japanese company told "
Sony tells Kotaku they've "made progress" toward solving a PS4 That glitch has prevented us from buying some users or playing games on PlayStation consoles Their new. 
The "CE-33945-4" glitch, PS4 Which was Reported by owners on NeoGAF and the PlayStation forums, Prevents users from playing games or Accessing any other services on the PlayStation Network, treats including Netflix. Though the exact causes of the glitch are murky, some users That It May determined to be triggered by pre-ordering a digital game on the PlayStation Network and then canceling it through Sony customer support, Which leads to some sort of database error. 
This one's brutal: people getting CE-33945-4 say they 'can not play anything. 
I Reached out to Sony Earlier this week to ask about the error. Here's a Sony rep: 
"We are aware de esta That Has Affected account issue a very small number of users. We are currently Investigating the cause of the issue and Have made ​​progress Toward a possible solution." 
In the meantime, if you do run Into This glitch, try rebuilding the database on your PS4, some users say Which fixes the problem."
" that "we are aware of this problem with the accounts, which has affected a very small number of users.'re Currently investigating the cause of the problem and have made ​​some progress towards a solution." A solution has arrived, as is clear from the official forum for PlayStation, which states that the bug has already been fixed.
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Sony Playstation has sent a statement in which they said that they have corrected the mistake EC-33945-4, which had the Playstation 4 and which affected a small number of users PS4. 
This bug prevented running games on the console or begin an online service and is first detected last Friday but as indicated from the company itself is already solved. 
Finally Sony has said that this error is not related to the attack on PlayStation Network suffered that managed to crash the service. 
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CE-33945-4 The connection to the server has failed

You may have problems connecting to the local network, please try the following:

Step 1: PlayStation Network or game server is temporarily unavailable. Ensure that the services PlayStation Network and the game servers are available.

Step 2: If both services are active, perform a test connection to the Internet, go to [Settings]> [Network]> [Internet Connection Test] to confirm that you can connect to the Internet.

Step 3: Update the firmware on your router. Please contact your router manufacturer or your Internet service provider ("ISP") for assistance if needed. Shut down other devices on your network. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please try again later, the server may be experiencing high traffic.

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“A very small number” of PlayStation 4 were experiencing an issue preventing them from buying or playing games. Sony said yesterday it had made progress on fixing the glitch, and it seems to have been fixed.


According to a Sony spokesperson speaking with Kotaku, the console maker was hard at work on solving the “CE-33945-4″ issue.

“We are aware of this account issue that has affected a very small number of users,” said the rep. “We are currently investigating the cause of the issue and have made progress toward a possible solution.”

Users on both the PlayStation forums and NeoGAF noted their inability to play games or access PlayStation Network services. This included Netflix.

While a concrete cause hasn’t been revealed by Sony – as far as we are aware – some users seem to think the issue stemmed from pre-ordering a game through PSN and then cancelling it through customer support. This could have lead to the database error, thus causing the glitch.

A fix suggested by users involved rebuilding the database on the affected PS4.

However, if you head through the forum link, the matter seems to have been addressed.

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