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How to Screenshot Sony Xperia M2 - How to  Print Screen Xperia M2


How can i take screen shot sony M2, can you help me about it?

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solution to how to take screenshot in sony m2


1: capture image which images you want
 2:  press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time  
 2-3 seconds until your screen captures

 3: The image of the screen is captured and saved in the Gallery app.

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Press and hold both the power AND Volume down key simultaneously for aprox two seconds the shutter will fire and screenshot will appear pn the screen. If you press power THEN Volume down the screenshot will not work.

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In previous versions of Android, it was necessary to download an application to make a screenshot of the mobile screen. In the model that comes with the Sony Xperia m2 version, this functionality is already built into the system. To make the screenshot, simply simultaneously press the power key and the volume down key:
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To make a screenshot, press the volume down button while holding down the power button.
 In less than a second, a flash your screen accompanied by the text "Saving screenshot" at the top of your phone display.
 To view the photo of your screen, go to 'Pictures' and then press 'Screenshots'.
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I can't print screen shot from my Xperia
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