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How to make a Factory Data Reset on Android without Root 

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Sometimes you need to do a Factory Data reset to our device, eg if we notice our slow version of Android. 
Whether you're Root (here already know how to do it) as if it is not important that you learn to make this reset or factory reset your device data. It can help you in more than one occasion. Through a few simple steps outlined below, you will leave your limpito android or imcompatibilidad any problems that are affecting the system. 
This method is as a last resort, I am not responsible for the loss of your data, photos, etc ... To be sure to keep a backup older than you'll see in this tutorial. 
While the terminal is not in danger of brickeos or anything like that, it is advisable to have charged at least 70%. Let's start with the tutorial. 
Making Factory Data Reset on an Android device 
Step 1. 
We went into the Settings section of your smartphone through the app drawer or by pressing the left mouse button. For this tutorial I will use a Galaxy S but it serves to any terminal.
imagen de tutorial Factory data reset 1
2-Then select the option in Settings that says "Backup and Restore" 
imagen de tutorial Factory data reset 2
Step 3. 
Now select the option "Factory data reset" and if we want to make a copy of our Wi-Fi data in a google account, we mark the lash as seen in the image. 
imagen de tutorial Factory data reset 3


Step 4. 
Now we'll see a screen that says that parts will be deleted and which are not, for example can leave without deleting data from our SD card in case you want to keep them safe. When we are clear what we will give to "Resetting Your Device" 
imagen de tutorial Factory data reset 4
Step 5. 
We're done, now the device will request a confirmation that we are sure they want to restore the device. We say we want to "Remove All" and ready. 
The device will reboot when the process is finished, it is normal to take more of it, do not worry. Once you start you will see the device just like when you bought it at the store. 
More people does not want to root your android devices, thus losing a lot of advantageous options if you like the world of technology, but still to users "walk" this method to Factory Data Reset and leave your smartphone as a factory, they come in handy. Greetings and I hope that you might help this guide or tutorial. 


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