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How to create a boot animation in Android? How do I create my own animations? 

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One of the possibilities of customization that Android offers is to change the boot animation, which we see when the phone is turned on. This customization is something hidden, although it is quite accessible. If you think you are able to create a cool animation to compete with those that come by default in Android, you just have to keep reading to find out how to create a new animation in Android and how to apply. 
The first thing you should know is that in general the boot animation is in / system / media. It is a file called bootanimation.zip. This file can be replaced with a completely different. However, to overwrite / system / media you have to be root. However you can also change the animation without root, because if we put a different bootanimation.zip in / data / local in principle the phone will ignore the latter. The folder / data is writable even without're not root. 
Now some manufacturers change the default routes of Android and should be investigated for each terminal where the bootanimation.zip happy. It is best to look at XDA Developers or use any application from Market to spare us the tedium of looking where (eg Boot Animation Changer Lite or Boot Animation Installer) 
How do I create my own animations? 
The internal structure is very simple bootanimation.zip. With just a few computer skills we can create our animation. Another thing is that we look cool but tastes nothing written. Internally the zip contains the following: 
A file called desc.txt 
A folder called part0 
Optionally more folders: part1, part2, etc. 
The desc.txt file has the following structure: 
Width Height Rate (fps) 
p Número_reproducciones Pause (frames) Folder1 
p Número_reproducciones Pause (frames) folder2 
For example, 
480 800 30 
p 1 0 part0 
p 0 0 part1 
This means that the animation is 480 × 800, 30 frames per second (perfect for a Nexus One). The first folder is part0, reproduced only once and no pause after breeding. Then comes the part1 folder, which is looped (0 means playing nonstop) and no pause when finishes playing. 
The folders contain only images, ordered from 0000.png up any number needed. What will the Android device to run the animation is play video at frames per second listed in desc.txt. The video editing programs usually allow you to export an image sequence, so this will be a way to have our animation list. 
The best, the examples 
To learn how to make animations using anything as an example that there are online. There are many on XDA Developers, just search the text Boot Animation to find hundreds of examples. To unburden the bootanimation.zip just open it and you can see the folders and the desc.txt pictures. 
If we are not "art" to create these animations then simply change any that we like or just use any different to try. It is always satisfying our Android fiddle, is one of the advantages, extreme customization offered.

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