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I have a iphone 6 plus and since I updated to stop siri ios10 answer. Headset if it works. I've tried to disable siri, reboot the device and clean the audio receiver and nothing. What else could you do? Thanks greetings.

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In settings you have in Siri voice answers "always"?

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Yes, I have it on and nothing ...
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Rare. touch restore
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Hazle iPhone backup, restore, and when it is installed again and ask you if you want new or Restore copy, tell restore and select the copy that you just made.
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will have a problem in the copy you will have to install new phone as ios 10.1 and do the same with the original apps that have
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something happens to me also like a 6plus iphone ... only works with WiFi siri me ....... but not with mobile connection (of course, I work safari and others), sometimes the first time disconnect the wifi works .... but then hangs and nothing

... Restore from backup .... and still the same
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... Restored and installed all over again, without backup .. .and to me at least me and everything works perfectly
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If that thought too. But if I do that all data perdere not? Or you can do that and then install the backup?
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