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How to root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S-5839i? can you help me about How to root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S-5839i?

gt-s5839i jailbreak

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Hello I bring as root the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5839i with Android 2.3.6 (If you do not know what being root pass for being here What is root?) If you do not have this model do not try to root your phone if you do not work or your mobile be damaged. For those who dispongáis the Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5839i with Android 2.3.5 explain how rootearlo later. Well lets get to the next steps: 
 1- you download the Zip file and you pass root.zip next to the SD card without unzipping. 
2 Apagáis mobile and lay it in Recovery mode (Starts in this mode by pressing the "switch + volume up + menu) the menu should appear that I should be this or one very similar to this but the functions are the same . 
3 the menu with keys and volume up and down You select the menu button to "install zip from sdcard" option if ye desplazáis to "apply update from sdcard" and should be there does not appear. 
4 Al strike you should restart the file (if it restarts nothing happens several times) to finish and restart should be rooted your Samsung Galaxy Ace!

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