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Question about the impact of W7 to W8 Question about the impact of windows7 to Windows 8


Hello friends! 

Here eslem presented. 
I have a question before you install W8 on a partition. 
How affects the installation of Windows 7 Windows 8? 
If you get tired of Windows8, you can return to Windows 7 without any problems? 
He speaks to someone who have slow internet, took four hours waiting for it to download .. and only goes to half (59% to 100KB / s intermediate) 

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Windows 8 versions circulating to date are trial versions, so there is the option to return to Windows 7 unless you take out a full backup of the boot partition or perform a full reinstallation. 
If you want to try Windows 8 it is best to use a virtual machine, you can use programs like VMware, VirtualBox or similar, check out the following posts for more information: 
- Manual step Virtualbox. 
- How to install Windows 8 in a virtual machine step by step. 
- How to install the Guest Additions on Windows 8 virtual. 
In addition to reasonably use Windows 8 in a virtual machine, you need a machine with at least 2 GB of RAM, the more the better, preferably a multi-core processor that supports virtualization.

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Virtual machine is not an option with the processor I have (@ 1.80GHz Atom D525) and does not support virtualization. 
Can they be installed in parallel with different partitions? 
I think the W7 MBR may recover it with the CD in the recovery console, right?
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It can be installed on a separate partition, and go back to normal if you have knowledge in the recovery of Windows 7 boot. 
In any case, the usual recommendation, Windows 8, being a trial version can give unexpected problems so take a backup of your important data.
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Thanks: biggrin: 
It is good news. 
Set it up, although I know it's beta (CP), as it is very stable and often give less BSOD's that W7 (Although I have not had any, only with XP). 
The only important fact is that I have to delay W8 ISO 9hrs to download it .. 
* Kill the ISP * 
Thank you and you can take for Fixed.
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Usually, any other questions simply post.
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can the problem of windows 7 affect install of windows 8?
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