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Hi, I have the asus oplay HDP - R1 and for a year at least and good from the start I was going perfect with win7 and everything last year when formatting the pc and I had many problems using the device in network because I always pedia password and password always failed on the asus. 
Solve it if not mistaken disabling me for password, well done couple of days I've formatted the pc again and I now have the same problem, but now I can not find the solution I've been since yesterday trying but nothing works always tells me Login Fail that is in the Asus. 
I've played around in the working group and nothing that works for me, if someone has an idea to share my files with Asus, q only thing that get to do is in the menu of the Asus me recognizes the HomeGroup but ask me password when theory has none. 
Thanks in advance, greetings.

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Asus O! Play Air + Win7 working perfect 
How to make a Asus O! Play Air (or Asus O! Play HDP-R3) works perfectly with Windows 7 (without the annoying "Username and password" that never works and gives you forever "Logon Fail" 
Network connecting cable (O WiFi): 
01- Start the Registry Editor (Start -> Run -> Regedit). 
02- Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Contro / Lsa and change the keys in there (right click - Modify) "EveryoneIncludesAnonymous" from 0 to 1 and "NoLmHashde" from 1 to 0. 
03-Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM / CurrentControlSet / Services / LanmanServer / Parameters. - There change the key "RestrictNullSessAccess" from 1 to 0. 
04- Get off the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (msicuu2.exe) program, you can download from the official website of Microsoft or as I did, from here: ... up-
05-Install by running as administrator. 
06-Find the list the "Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant" and uninstall program (not for nothing and changes nothing I do not have). 
07-Share only the folders where you have movies, music, etc (I recommend the folders on the whole rigid and / or partitions by the speed of response, since the O! Play read search when all shared files, Share marrow only the necessary files and the reaction rate will be higher loooong. 
07.1- The best way is to right click on the folder to share "Share with ..." "specific users" 
In the dropdown choose "All" and click "Add", then the same for "Guest", "home group" and all others (just in case) 
When finished adding all ... click on "Share". Ask and with EACH of the folder in which you have files that you want to see / hear. 
07.2- insist ... do not be so turnip share folders "Windows" or "Program Files" because you can you go for a duck in the time it will take to read the files that have 25,000 farts in and you do not useless. 
Restart the PC 08- 
09- DISABLE FIREWALL (in my case I have the Eset Smart security 4, and more rules and permissions exception I program it, the only way to let me see the PC from the O! Play is disabling the Firewall) 
Ready !!! enjoy this wonderful
The major limitation (as I read in various forums) is the speed of the WiFi trasnferencia I have with the network cable (that I have gone through the wall, pipes and electricity flies). WiFi high quality files suffer or are cut (not to mention if you do not have the router near or very powerful, if you are browsing or downloading something) 
The secret of WiFi network is also set THEN do all the above (steps 1 to 6) which is pretty easy, just put your usernames and pass your WiFi network. Do not forget to disable the Firewall 

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In User ID White leave him and put 4 zeros password
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OPlay must be on the same network as the PC. Make sure Oplay and PC are both directly connected to one router or one swtich board.
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This helped me:

in "run" type gpedit.msc

this will open Local Group Policy Editor

now, navigate to Computer Configuration - Windows Settings -Security Settings - Security Options and in right window open "Network access: Named Pipes that can be accessed anonymously".

Than type IPC$ in opened window.

Apply, press OK, and you will now be able to access everything as before.
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