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True Connectivity Solution no or limited

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* The problem: I wanted to connect to my home network as well in daily and misplace the password.

* Step 1: Plug your internet router as you do daily.

* Step 2: Connect the cable from the router (I connect to my pc) but if you got on your pc external messenger netbook / notebook because it works the same.

* Step 3: Log in to the website that you used to activate the internet service for the first time there says the information about your network (if you know the web, call the company and you say it).

* Step 4: Change your usual by another network (Cambiale the network name and password Cambiale).

* Step 5: You put save changes and Cerras page

* Step 6: Prendes your netbook / Notebook, going to "Wireless networks" hubicado in the home bar and "My Network Places" and clickeas on "View Wireless Networks", you show your new network created, you connect to it and ready

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