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Hello !, excuse me because I only bring problems to the forum haha !!!. Anyway, my problem this time is that every time I want to see an episode of any anime series I like, the system gets slow me about 10 0 after 15 minutes. Install cpu meter and note that the cpu is triggered, and stays locked in consumption of 100%,, and if I close the video after it gets so slow, the cpu stays between 50% and 80% consumption without anything open. 
Wonder how to fix this, because the same thing happened to me when I used Windows XP and the problem was that a file called svhost consumed me much cpu performance, but as I am very new to linux not notice that happening, and I moved to hasma mint 17 minutes ago and the problem persists. Clarified that when installed and used the mint did not have this problem 16, this issue was presented to me about 15 days ago. 
Help by fa !!!

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See if System- Settings> Device drivers, like you should install a driver for your graphic card appears

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No !!, only my Blast wifi and much that isntale ago.
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the worst is the calenton Pillaging the processor. you mean see the videos on youtube? 
if so, just happens to you in HD or 480 tb? 
test from the drivers as you indicaron.aparte that because no evidence to see the videos in vlc (mean> open network location> network) or smplayer to see if the problem persists or so videos look better and controls temperature cpu always, mini notebook or laptop is very hot. 
greetings and good luck.
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Greetings !!, and solve the problem !!. What I did was uninstall linux mint 17 CINNAMON and change it for the mint 17 XFCE, which consumes far fewer reculsos, so my cpu consumption has estabilisado as well as increased temperature and battery consumption. By the way, the videos had them downloaded to my pc, I do not see HD videos on youtube. 
Therefore, I recommend those mini laptops that are installed XFCE version, the difference is in the effects and appearance, plus some functions.
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