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How to control your Mac from your Android (I): Mac Remote

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I thought the word Mac combining with the word Android in the same sentence could end in a multidimensional implosion, but it seems that is not so. And, in fact, there are few people who have a Mac and an Android smartphone. Here's how to control your computer from an Android in a very simple way with Mac Remote. 
Remote Mac is the clear demonstration of the best of an Apple computer. There are many applications that let you control a Windows computer from an Android smartphone by installing an application on your smartphone, and a program on the PC. However, in this case it is not necessary to install any software on the computer, since the Mac computers let you remotely log in to this, so we can control some of the applications. 
Android Mac 
What applications can we access? In this case, applications that set the creator of the Mac Remote application, a very simple useful app to control the most basic programs in Mac OS X. Among other, we can control iPhoto, iTunes, Keynote, and even Spotify Preview . Now if we want to use the application, it does have to do a little configuration on your Mac computer, or at least see that one of the required functions is active, and know what data and what credentials are needed to access the Mac from our smartphone Android. We go step by step. 
1-Unloaded Mac Remote: First, we download the Remote application on your Mac Android smartphone. To do this, we need only turn to Google Play, find the app, and select Install. 
2-Run Mac Remote: With the application already installed on your smartphone, just have to execute. Nothing doing, will indicate if we are going to setup tutorial for how to use the app to the Mac.,
We can say yes, or just close it and continue with the step where we are right now. 
3-On the Mac, we went to System Preferences. [This tutorial was written to adapt to Mac OS X Lion Mountain, so some steps may vary slightly depending on the version of Mac you have.] 
4-Once we are in System Preferences, open its configuration section Share, located under Internet and wireless connections. 
In the window where we are we can see a list on the left with various services, most active.
5-What matters is that active remote session. 
6-With Remote Session active, not leave the window, but headed to the right section, where we found a message that says "To start remote session on this computer, type" ssh [email protected] ". We have to take account of these data. The username is essential, because it defines the user will have to use later in the application. As for the numbers after the @ symbol, that is the IP address of your computer, and we will use it later, so also the aim. 
On Android, click the Connect button at the top right corner.
7-We found a window that indicates that we should write the data you request, among which are the username, we obtained in step six, and the password, which is what we initially configure the Mac our user password, and IP address of the computer. If we put all this data, and they are right, and we will indicate the application, and now we can begin to control your Mac from your Android.
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