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ATI graphics card and Windows 8 operating system which is installed on a computer often Catalyst control center: host application has stopped working error comes on the screen. Catalyst control center: host application has stopped working error What is the solution? Catalyst control center stoped working error do you have any solution about it

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catalyst control centre host application stopped working windows 8 solutions


1-Left click Start menu

2-In the "search programs and files box" type in:  msconfig

3- Left click on program "msconfig"

4-In system configuration, left click on "startup" tab

5- Uncheck the box for: Catalyst Control Center

6-Click apply

7- Your computer should ask you to restart at this point.

8-Restart you computer

9-Problem should be resolved. (Worked for me).

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It troubles me that so many people in this day and age are so inept when it comes to computer configuration. Even if this is necroposting, it is important to note that this "solution" only applies if you are able to manually start Catalyst's GUI. If manually executing your CCC.exe shows the same error, then all this is doing is masking the error on startup. Your host program will still be inoperable.

To recap, all the above does is stop the annoying popup. It doesn't fix the problem, and should therefore be considered completely irrelevant.
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you dear ,
you are 100% true
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Catalyst Control Center: Host Application has stopped working 
One problem the program has stopped working properly. Windows will close the program and notify you if you have the solution to [Close Program] 
Try the following steps to solve the error: 
1Malmawar did on the computer before scanning. Computer viruses and malware found a few. 
2What is Malwarebytes for it? How to use Malwarebytes? I've used. 
3My computer booted up again after malware scanning. 
4I installed Windows 8 is missing updates. 
5AMD - ATI graphics card from the site, and I've installed the latest drivers for download. Last-us/download http://support.amd.com/ 
6Restart the computer and now I have resolved the problem.
catalyst control center: Host application in windows 8 solutions 
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Although this topic is old, the problem occurs many users of Windows 7.
"Catalyst Control Center. Host Application has stopped working".
In all the forums I've visited the solutions are scans, reinstall the original version or the latest Catalyst, and apparently none of these are successful ... The only solution seems to be reformatting the computer. But one is not always willing or have to walk TIMP formatting the computer, especially if it is not self, if not work, for example.
The solution I've found, gave good result without doing any of the above ...
The problem seems, is that the Catalyst can not read a file that is already in our system, especially if you already got the option to reinstall the Catalyst.
The solution is simple, I have paid off 5 times, with the same problem.
Go to C: / Users. Right click on this folder and choose Properties: GENERAL tab, and select the last box: Attributes Hidden. Palomearla and give APPLY.
Ships warning to administrator permission and another, wondering whether to affect all folders and subfolders. Yes !, OK. Then began the process where all folders will be hidden ...
When finished, turn off the last box hide. And giving again: Apply. Begin again the process in reverse and be visible all folders ..
After this, restart the computer and see that does not come out the Catalyst warning ... What we did was to make visible to the program boot files you need (do not know the entire process, perhaps you can uncover here), but what a fact is it works ...
Pd.- If all folders disappear and can not find back the Users folder, you must do it in Explorer, go to Tools / Folder Options / VER (tab) and select "show files, folders and hidden units". Then you come back to see the Users folder on C :, as shaded. Now, give right click, properties, uncheck the hidden folder and Apply-OK ...
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Well, that had planned to do, but what happens is that I'm playing FarCry 2 to put the 8.10 not find the hotfix for FarCry 2 and STALKER .. besides as already published the version 8.11 I found the hotfix that AMD sack along with 8.10 ... at the end I did was disable the startup of CCC with Vista .. that if the only thing useful .. for me is the CCC is to balance the Vsync default in every game ... but and so I set it up in every game graphics options ...
Anyway thanks for the opinions, doubt was already 'settled' in a way ... playing wait in version 8.12 AMD correct this problem ..
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There is a simple solution

Just go to C:/users/(your_user_name)/AppData/Local
and delete the ATI folder. 

Go to desktop and right click and open AMD Graphics Properties and it will recreate the folder and voila catalyst control center just opened for you and started working again.

It worked for my case, hope it works for you too.

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First fix I've seen that actually fixes the problem. Using Windows 7 64 bit.
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You're a savior Bro!
Thanks a lot...It worked like a charm.
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This man deserves an award. THANKS!! it worked hehe
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Magic....Much thanks bro!
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finally we can fix it, massive thanks
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Dude..I fixed..this problum,,,thanks rakesh..
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AMD Graphics Properties is not a program on my PC. Search came up empty?
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rakesh:you are a true genius
catalyst control center stop working windows 10
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In that case, just right click on your desktop, and choose the option labelled as "Catalyst Control Center"
It seemed to work for me.
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did the exact procedure but when i opened the controle center again it gave me the same issue... restarted comp and see how it goes after restart.. someone

EDIT : after desinstalling driver package everything working find, CCC not on comp anymore so no error message anymore! THX
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tnx bro, I tried to fix this problem since hours by reinstall drivers etc.
the solution is so simpel
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Thank you rakesh bro
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that work for my radeon dual graph 8670..
thx for simple solve...
i forget., my OS win 8.1 pro
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Its doesn't worked for me, mine is Windows 8.1 Single language!

I did ATI folder deleted from APPDATA Local folder, but got the same error and BSOD !!! :P
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Oh my god, it's working!!! Thank you so much!!
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... yea thank a lot
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Yes THIS IS THE FIX!!  Works..Thank You!
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Thnx A tonn.. for the fix
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