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how to get out of Google Account  without having to format the device

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A question that many users are asking is how to get out of Google Play Store without having to format the device, which is always effective but that means having to reinstall all applications, settings and more.

With other applications we have seen go to Settings / Application Management and then erase the data work but is not the case of the Google Play Store because if we implement when we open the app will tell which will start in with the account that we had.

The way to do this application is different because it uses Google accounts at a primary level.

Exiting from Google Play Store and Log

In order to exit this application you have to follow these steps:

  • Let's Settings
  • Select the Accounts option
  • Click on Google
  • We choose the account you want to disappear.
  • Click on options and Delete Account.

Importantly, when we do that we will not have the synchronized account with this device and it will affect Google Play Store but also to other apps that use it as Google Play Music, Youtube or Google Maps.

On occasion we may not display the Delete Account option because it is the only account we have linked and the system does not leave us. In that case we put another Google account, restart the device and remove the first account, we wanted to delete.

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