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Hi there 
I put this post, because despite having read several posts with this type of topics, I have not found the solution to my problem. 
I explain: 
I have an external hard drive (USB) 1TB, which I like 400 GB occupied with valuable information and other not so much but at the end of the day is worth the time spent on internet. The problem is given as follows: 
4 days ago I was using the HDD if problems later when the food leave the locked and the return of the Food and want to access a file on the HDD would not let me (still the data structure it looked) PC, but I was saying invalid file, I decided desatacharlo and off, to reconnect, I was saying unformatted disk, be formatted (obviously not formate) and there began the journey. 
After reading many web sites and many forums and go through a series of GetDataBack, EasyRecovery, PartitionRecovery, Active @ Partition Recovery, MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition, Find and Mount, Doctor Partition Table, TestDisk Programs I could not move much briefly explain what I've found. 
With GetDataBack, I could see the folders and files on the HDD (First clue Well) 
With Active @ Partition Recovery, With QuickScan entry could see the Root folders, but not files with search (SuperScan) Find the partition (which is the same as the QuickScan) but it shows me all the folders, HDD subfolders and files), but not to do to repair the HDD. 
With the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition, if you see the HDD and the structure of folders and files, but parition Recovery Wizar does nothing for me. when running a CheckFileSystem if I repaired several entries but the HDD still serving. 
With the Find and Mount, I do not find any partition with the Intellectual or the Normal Scan Scan. This Running the Thorough Scan. 
With testdisk, If I see the Partition, if I see the Archives, Even I Copy to Hard Drive of LAPTOP which is connected the HDD (That's what saved my MOST important traditionally files), but I take forever to copy all HDD to the LAP and also do not have the space, so I insist Recover HDD. 
Annex I of TestDisk Screens 
1.- QuickSearch, If I identifies the Partition.


2.-Incluso Puedo ver los Archivos y Copiarlos a la LAP.


3.-To Make a Depeer Search, input did it take a good, I think about 24 hrs, and already sleepy, I do not remember when they threw me results and I happened to make the capture screen but as I recall no I find nothing different, but if you think you need to re-run I do. 
4.-In the Advance Menu / Boot, it shows me and if I see the files on the HDD LIST option.


and even there I stayed, because everything seems fine but the HDD still does not work. 
After all this I have done, now when I try to access the hard drive tells me not to Get Access to E: \ Access Denied


I hope you can help me. 
Greetings !!!!!!!


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Hello, welcome 
The partition that shows you the QuickSearch appears correct. The parameters start and end of the CHS are perfectly adapted to the hard drive. 
The partition appears as primary and bootable and is probably only a primary or logical partition; but this is not important, I would not touch it, because in my experience with Testdisk I could see that is not exactly the same criteria as Windows systems when typing this. 
The only negative thing is this
When Making a Depeer Search, input was slow good, I think about 24 hrs,


Search with Search Depeer is verbose, the disk is large capacity, yet the term is excessive. 
In any case I would write that partition without much fear. This being in the QuickSearch window just press enter. In the next window position yourself down with the cursor on "Write" and enter das


And when you agree with the prompt and finally hit enter to accept the OK. Then Testdisk salts pressing q button repeatedly and finally needed, most importantly, restart the computer (not turn off) and see if any luck. 

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Hi there 
Thanks for the prompt reply. 
I did what I indica ...
Souto wrote:
In any case I would write that partition without much fear. This being in the QuickSearch window just press enter. In the next window position yourself down with the cursor on "Write" and enter das

Reset to still have the same problem, will not let me enter the HDD, tells me


I'm Running Again Deep Analysis and this is what I see


As you can see in the picture I put some comments. 
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In the picture, what you highlight is fine. The CHS the end of the partition does not get to the hard disk; but this is normal because the last section is used to store a copy of the boot sector. 
on the other hand observe that not only the partition, also the volume appears correctly identified with the name you gave her (HD1TB). This means that the master file table is healthy 
As for the slowness, suggests aresa damaged or most likely disk controller disk that is failing and this requires Testsdik repeat reading. 
"Access Denied" could have several meanings. One of them (although I do not think is the case) would simplemnete lack of permissions. Right mouse click on this disc ask Equipment >> properties >> security and follow the cloths that indicated on the link to take possession of the entire disk 
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Thanks for the reply, today has been a great help: wink

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