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On Saturday my parents gave me a laptop (Asus A55A) and brings Windows 8 UEFI've seen it, so I can not boot from CD (for use liveCD of linux distros). I've done everything that has happened to me and what I've found online and can not. What I can do

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The problem is not UEFI is how ASUS have set. 
I have ridden many boards with UEFI computer and all of them could change the boot order. 
Please contact ASUS to see if they can help.
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I sent an email. Anyway, I entered the UEFI but even though I play does not work ... 
I have also tried to start the PC with the Prompt and try to start it from there but it says can not because the version of Windows is not compatible or something like that ...
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Re: [HELP] Shit UEFI 
I do not know if you've already tried to disable UEFI in this way: You boot up the laptop and pressing ESC to enter the boot menu ("bios"). Select the BOOT option and you will get a screen like this:
[AYUDA] Mierda de UEFI

You make sure that the UEFI option off and finally select Boot Option Priorities on the device you want (in your case the CD) 
I hope you get lucky


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Whatever you do, when you start the PC can not enter the BIOS. I have to go into Windows and use the option of Start Advanced. The issue is that I also touched everything, and there has been no way to disable it.
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UEFI does not lock you into the bios. What is blocking you start other systems or cd-live. 
As I have said above, disable boot secured first, with this you can change the option to UEFI, there select legacy / only. 
I have a asus and so solve it.
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For example on my desktop, press f12 to display the boot menu gives me the option to boot cd, hard disk etc UEFI (secure) or normally, if you choose can boot normally what you want. Greetings.
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to boot from cd you have to go to: 
tab boot / secure boot / os type 
and there switch to other os 
to enter the bios and turn on the computer while pressing the f8 see lights
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I've tried it, but the only way I have to do is entering from Advanced Home W8 ...

I'll try again to see if I can do something ...
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I affirm you too. I just set up a HTPC with UEFI without problems. 
Let's see you say those Asus ... Good luck
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Last night I got what I meant. I touched all and end the nonsense was that option did not appear because he was enabled CD Quick Start ... So one less thing. Thank you very much to all.
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I have a asus K52JU and secured boot option does not appear anywhere in the bios, it only disable the UEFI and disable if not tears my pendrive for installation of ubuntu.
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Do you launch out the option in the menu csm boot? give enabled
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Option but I get off, I mean I get disabled and unable to change it to enabled. I'm like you, I have a asus with windows 8, and UEFI and no way to change to formatting windows, if anyone knows how to explain it please.
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