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See if someone can help me ... I have today released a nokia lumia 710 and have spent my contacts from the old phone to this, up there all right, then I entered my account messenguer and after that, do not know how (because I do not understand much of it) now when I go to look for a number in the phonebook I get the contacts out of the phone as they should messenguer more contacts with their emails, is there any way to delete the contacts from messenger and leave me alone the phone ??? thank you very much for your help.

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you have to go to settings, scroll to the side, then contacts and then filter contacts, there you filter contacts. 
the idea is to associate your sim phones to their email and facebook users so you can get all the updates of your contacts and have updated all the info, greetings
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I've done that and I keep getting all emails and contact messenguer on the agenda, I have read in other forums that you have to uninstall the hotmail account to windows live or something and then remove a contacts tab, hey, do not know how you do that ...
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the truth is that the only way to delete the windows live mobile home is to restore the initial configuration and then have to change windows live id, a new one or another. I remind you that the integrated wlive chat only works with the main live id.
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Thanks for trying to help, I'll call tomorrow nokia technical service to see if they give me any solution ... thanks anyway. and see if someone else has this problem happened ...
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Test Conversations / Messages> Status: Offline.
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