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Create bootable USB of any GNU / Linux

How to Create bootable USB of any GNU / Linux

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To avoid having to go burning CD ISOS whenever there's new version there is currently very used to use USB memory as a startup and to start the installation of GNU / Linux from her choice. 
To create bootable USB Ubuntu have two options. The first is to use the option that brings Ubuntu by default and well explained on the official website of Ubuntu. In this post I will not explain that method because I think it's official website is perfect. I will explain how to make USB bootables using the UNetbootin program. All and there are many alternatives as YUMI (for Windows, but works perfectly with Wine), uSbuntu (especially for Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based systems) and many others that you can search by Saint Google. 
A USB with a capacity greater than 1GB. 
Allows your system to boot from USB. 
The ISO image. 
Installing UNetbootin 
# Apt-get install unetbootin 
UNebootin has a simple interface and is very easy to use (like most programs of this type). 
We follow the following steps: 
Select the Disk / Image option. 
We choose our ISO that have previously downloaded. 
We select our USB Memory Unit. 
We give OK and start creating Live USB. 
NOTE: Be sure to use the path to a USB drive if you're not careful you could select a hard disk and data sobreescribirias! (You can view your USB doing sudo fdisk l)

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