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Hi all, recently I bought an LG TV with internet, I downloaded the Ipad the application LG TV REMOTE to control the TV with the Ipad, but I can not do anything, when you enter the application crashes me and does nothing, does not identify the TV, please, if anyone can help me to tell me, thanks

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Greetings, I sent an email to LG SAT for a similar problem. Yes I got connect the first time (with Ipad2 and ipone4). It was easy to do TV first showed me a code on the screen that I introduced in my Iphone / Ipad and ready. It is a joy because you have a mouse in your mobile device, type the TouchPad, and keyboard to use the app that brings the TV. But after using it a while, I was no longer possible to connect. I do not know if your problem is the same. By the way, as your TV is not supported (you have the list of supported TV's the App in the "Config" button at the top right >>> information supported model. 
I hit copy of the message sent to the SAT 
A few days ago I bought this model TV, not least because I had read that it could handle from my Iphone or Ipad2 with the LG TV Remote app. Samsung has another App for SmartTV models, but I decided on LG. No problems for initial pairing and test it, but when trying to use the app a second time I am unable to connect from either my mobile devices, even though they are all in the same RED and connected to the TV same wifi router that delivers signal. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but nothing. I have also disconnected the network cable to the TV and I have reconnected, but no way. I send images with what is shown in the TV screen and Iphone / Ipad2 when trying to connect. In several forums I have read that there are users with the same problem: we all wonder what the mysterious to which it refers in the TV screen "key emp.». I pressed all of my command but none ... 

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The iPad does not work! Problem is the app. The I have a ipod4 and it works perfect, and does not pull on my iPad. xD
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I see that you are looking for ways to not get bored with the iPad ... :)
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Well I tried it on both (Iphone 5.0.1) and iPad (4.3.3) and BOTH went well, but as I say, and after a time, either. 
We will wait to see what the SAT says.
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They answered the SAT. I was instructed to do a "factory reset" (Reset) .... 
New pairing .... It works! ..... And wanting to connect again ..... puaffffff! Nothing .... WELL .... 
Neither IPhone or IPad ..... 
I scored negatively on Apple's App Store and hopefully new updates. I will inform the SAT LG it.
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factory reset on the tv or router?
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I had same problem until I found out what the correct app to download is. Search 'LG TV PLUS' which will solve all your problems! They really should have this listed on their website.
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Also with this app there are problem on apple devices, to solve this download the application net analyzer, then scan the network, after that use any LG application support your TV and it will work.
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Even this app only worked once
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With net analyzer it's works fine all the time
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Im using LG TV Plus on my iPhone 5s and i cant find my LG TV LH570U ...
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You have to change lg tv name in network settings for something shorter and without special characters. Like for example : lgtv - and app works fine.
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