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I note that this is similar to Ubuntu distro (yet I like Mint much more) but not how to create direct links to certain applications eg Firefox, without having to search all over the hard drive, and not like just putting it in favorites. Thanks, I await your responses.

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I answer myself (with Ubuntu and the look is the same). Tube just drag the icons to the desktop and  this. solved

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Exactly from the start menu mint can drag the program you want to the desktop and create a shortcut you
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On behalf of the community in Spanish I apologize. I agree with you that the next question will be resolved (if it is in my power) more s soon as possible.
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heeeey am new to this, and I wondered if one could not do that with a folder for a clearer question: I have my partitioned drive, a partition of 5gb I have the mint linux, and other partitions have a folder that weighs approximately 7GB and wanted to make me appear that folder on the desktop as "shortcut" because I can not copy it to the desktop for obvious reasons espacion ... ^ - ^ 'hehe 
from them and I appreciate your help :)
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