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recently install windows 8 pro with media center 64 bit on my HP G61 laptop pentium dual-core 2.1 4gb memory when I did not install the cable connected to internet then I realize when I disconnect the cable on the wifi network says limited and with a yellow icon, by placing the pointer over the network icon is identifying and says no internet access in windows update all 8 connected to the cable network thought it was a driver issue but just did not do anything I'm not sure of what the network adapter because when I clik on me adaptore network I get these three: network adapter kernel debugging microsoft, realtek PCIe FE controlling and famliy qualcomm atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n wifi adapter says the driver are correct. 
thank you very much I hope your help

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Hello, when you installed the drivers for the WiFi, do you sense it alone? Was it Windows Update? Did you installed it? What I suggest is that you install the drivers for Win7 manually if you can from the Device Manager, doing the manual install and load the inf, but I not gone with Win8 and the PenWifi that I currently use, but the earlier they used and I finish fastidi├índose and always got me into trouble, in WinVista and Win7 downloaded an updated driver for Windows Update, since the originals were for XP64 drivers and had no official vendor support for Vista and Win7 
The drivers you downloaded from WU go redundancy annoyed connection have prevented that would connect, after installing it was impossible to connect back to the network, when retreating to the original driver XP64, everything returned to normal, you have such evidence, download drivers Win7 64bit HP official website and refer to your laptop, and I have seen that there are many models HP G61, and install manually, it may be that. 
To go to the Control Panel or Device Manager more directly, in the lower left corner, where you would click to go to the start menu, right click and make a shortcut will be displayed very nerve system shortcuts. 
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I only detect wifi driver but was using the cable to the problem proves deconectarlo note what you say and then inform me how it goes thanks
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I did not work I did as explained to me but I did not work including the windows then refused to climb but then option restore point is active and could restore it just before installation, if you have any other suggestions would be Thanked trying it many grace
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Hi, have you already tried in another wi-fi network, if the same problem occurs? First, it would rule out that the problem is not presented by the settings of your Wi-Fi network. 
a greeting
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hum that had not occurred to me because as I worked before formatting, but it proves good then tell them
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my friends think the problem is with my wifi and not as effectively solve my lapto noc connect with my wifi but other wifi good as I resolve now have a clear modem thomson TG580 with Dominican and change the key and the name of the network and nothing
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Hello, I'll leave a link so you can start reading and discarding possible causes: Troubleshooting and Internet settings on a wireless network with Windows 7 | Windows 7 Tricks 
Although the theme is for Windows 7, you can extrapolate all your Windows 8. 
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thank you very much for your help
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