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If I go to Control Panel-> Appearance and Personalization-> Change Theme or Change Desktop Background I get to each of the screens, but immediately a blue screen appears and returns to the desktop without let me make any changes. I appreciate your help.

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The steps you take are correct, I do not see why the difficulty. That blue screen, do you show any error or warning or solid color without text or image? 
Ya know if you have a saved image you can do what has always been done in Windows, right click on the image and click "Set as wallpaper". All this would be for the "Classic Desktop". 
But if you want to change the background of the "Desktop Modern UI" (Metro) you must go to the Sidebar / Settings / Change configuration PC / Customize / here you can change the lock screen, home screen and Image account

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Hello, good evening, I mention the blue screen lasts 1 second and shows no error, solid color without text or image. Thanks for your interest. Kind regards
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If that is quick blue screen, the computer restarts and Windows NOT load normally you could not tell the reason why it happens. If Windows from restarting and we could think of a system failure, drivers, ram, etc.. but does not seem to be the case. 
Being somewhat inconsequential as fast and I would not give it more importance, the only thing I regret is not see cause to give any indication, we'll see if another user with more lights can tell you something about the subject. 
However if you think just before you installed any applications incidence that could produce that anomaly, and to be quite recent make a "System Restore" to a date earlier than the screenshots you comment
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Thank you again. I've tried everything that has happened to me and I have even restored the system. I can not change the theme or wallpaper. I'll settle for what you get. If you happen was some solution or any of the companions, and  for luck. Thank you all. 
Kind regards 
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