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I have a Nokia lumia 900, and I can not connect to wifi. Always get a message that says the phone can not connect to the Wi-Fi network or incorrect password, even though it is correct. Once I was able to connect via wifi from another cell phone. I think it's a problem setup modem (use the ADSL modem router + 4 PORT AP residential), and in that case I want you to tell me how to configure it. They should worry about selling cell who are already configured with telephone modems and not have this problem. Previously I had the nokia lumia 800 and the same thing happened.

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 I have a Nokia lumia 900 and the router I have at home is a movistar ZTE ZXV10 w300 white (looks like a picture frame), I can not connect my phone WI FI to my network, eh tried other celualres and no eh tambein problems and tried to connect my phone into Wi Fi areas of public places and had no problem eh
The problem apparently is that my router I have to give him a special configuration.
call 104 several times and failed to fix the problem, change the security type to wep wap (key 8 digit) have changed several times my user name and no results.
Please I need an answer or is that the Lumia is not compatible with the Movistar network or is my model of router that does not support or any special configuration.
Thanks in advance for the attention I hope your answer

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I UNDERSTAND THAT THE PROBLEM IS NOT OF WINDOWS PHONE NOKIA and ZTE ROUTER MODEL ESE, to where you are going to have 3 alternatives.
1 asiganar ip manually figure out how to admit her to the phone and router, because the problem is the DHCP router, which is not compatible with the phone
Solution 2 phono change
Solution 3 switch router


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thanks for the info friend, but if I change my router know which if supported by the lumia?? by fa appreciate your clarification on this point!
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hello I also buy a nokia lumia 510 and also have problems with wi fi from my modem, is a zte ZXV10 w300 and worst of all is that for customer care of 104 do not give solution if algin person reading this and has a solution please explain the step by step on this issue, that you buy another cellular modem or other solutions are not we are not in peru gringolandia ps
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I have the same problem a week ago I bought nokia lumia 510 and have white zte router when I connect it to my wifi I get incorrect password, which only happens to me with this team because I have other brands and was not going well and the connection has no problem, I went for service and says he has no problem with the equipment, ask several vendors movistar and they all say that the team can go to any wifi, it seems to me that the team is not compactible with router zte movistar but do not want to admit, this looks like a scam but I must warn that these teams have problems with wifi movistar, I plan to file a complaint indecopi because they do not want to give me a solution or change the computer, this more like a scam by movistar, they were topped with reason
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