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How to fix Small window Android error?

Android: Error 498

(small window android solutions)

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Android is a reliable, but it can happen that an application can not be downloaded , which updates installed or do not want your phone restricts you a limited use ( download , display , internet ) .

Most of the time , the malfunction is characterized by the appearance of a small window in the center of the screen that will inform the title of the problem as well as your reference.

You can not download the update application because error 498 occurred. The error code 498 appears when memory is insufficient. This may be because the smartphone 's internal memory or your SD card is insufficient or that the cache (temporary) is full.

The system must have a "margin " of operation or free space must be greater than the size of the application you want to install. If your physical memory is sufficient , go to "Settings" , "Applications" , "All", then " Google Play Store" and empty the cache. Then , go to " Download Manager " and empty the cache. Reboot your phone and reactive download or update.
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