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Someone could help me? You see my case is really more sad that I have a Hawuei G Elite, I've always been able to play without problem, however when you upgrade, just entered the game in a few seconds closes one application>"  I say it is not too mobile for the best play, but fully complies with the conditions of the game. I researched possible causes (I am told that the phone does not support it, but you used to without problem), but the only option I get is lower graphics, but do not really want to do it, anyone know if it is the only solution or a server error? Or anything I can do to fix it? I've already tried deleting applications, I even restore the factory settings, and even I can not play perfectly, "v I walk streets and capture pokemon (if luck is on my side) but when taking pokeparadas or gyms is fully closed "v This will appear on a page, and apparently many more users Huawei G Elite have exactly the same problem:" v you know if there is a solution for us or practically our only solution is to get another mobile D "?: Thank you from all of us " sorry my bad english

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Happens to me that occasionally gets stuck in the LOADING screen: 'v so I can only play a couple of hours a day and then have to wait again. For now we can only hope to fix compatibility problems of the game and wait for a new update. Greetings.

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I had the same problem from the previous update and there was some solution, also I have the same model of phone, I did root, you lower the graphics and even so, I found the error after time, apparently is a problem with triangulation GPS, at certain points come to close because as it does not recognize certain places, the solution I got was upgrade to android 6.0 but the problem is that only available for the European version and for the moment can only through European rom, but I do not at all reliable although some if it worked them
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