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Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me with a little problem with my phone. Two weeks ago thing my phone fell to the water, the first impression I got was that nothing had happened since worked perfectly .... Cometi failure reconnect to the charger and then stopped working . Leave it in rice and the next day relit the screen was visible but not detected touch anything ..... I took a dryer and started to warm the temperature catch works perfectly but when I cut the hair and it cools it leaves a lot of work ....... appreciate if someone could help me since I took raparacion stores and ask me 200 euros to change the screen that I refuse to pay because in my humble opinion I do not think there is this problem since the application of heat works perfectly .... thank you and I hope answers. a greeting

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It will fall into the water, moistened to know how many internal parts, and apart from the current itself passing to go on, you plug the charger ....

The touch only works if you apply heat, but in your humble opinion you do not need a screen change .....

The truth, if you expect to fix it without changing the screen ... I offer 2 solutions.

- Order a protective sleeve wool and fleece inside, for this warm well and will display works

- Instead of pocket, save it in some other part of your body warmer, no, check imagination ......

- Try to having more than 24 hours in rice (this is the only solution I can think of would be)

Still and now really, probably not with the change of the mobile screen again work well ....

Good luck with your inquiry

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