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How to avoid reboots on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1.x Jailbreak Pangu

pangu already jailbreak error

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Jailbreak iOS 7.1.x with Pangu presents constant reboots,'s how to fix it 
With the arrival of the new tool to Jailbreak Untethered the iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1 or iOS 7.1.1, Pangu, there are many users who already have dared to Jailbreak your iOS devices, and even though some hackers have confirmed that this is a safe tool, there are several users who have complained of constant reboot problems on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1.x Jailbreak Pangu. Then comes a curious possible solution to this problem. 

How to avoid reboots on iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1.x Jailbreak Pangu

What do to fix iPhone reboots and iPad with iOS 7.1 / iOS 7.1.1 and Jailbreak Pangu 
The workaround for this bug has been discovered by a Reddit user. This has released a funny way and even, one might say, rarely solve this problem. According to what I posted, you said the following: 
I have an iPhone 4 and I did the jailbreak with Pangu. Now I have a problem of constant reboots (bootloop) every time I try to restart the phone. 
I know this sounds crazy, but I think an error caused by the light sensor. If your phone is in an area with low light and try to restart it, it gets stuck on reboot, having a constant reboot (bootloop). Now if we put a lantern over the light sensor, the boot device goes well and smoothly. This, interestingly, it also works if you get stuck in the "welcome screen Pangu". 
The solution is in bootloop Jailbreak illuminate the light sensor 
As I have been able to comment before, is a solution rather than curious, is rare. Whatever it may seem the type of solution, and many users are those who, through the Reddit thread where this problem is being mainly related to the iPhone 4, have confirmed that this solution was the most effective to solve the problem. 
Below is the video posted by the user found this temporary solution, which can be viewed as the resumption of iPhone 4 works correctly in the time that allows the light sensor to capture it again. 
Pangu hackers working to improve the tool 
Regarding this ruling, tool developers to Untethered Jailbreak iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1, known as Pangu, have said they are working hard to improve it and the intention is to solve some of the problems reported by users as soon as possible, among which we may possibly probably find this so far if you have this bug in your device with Jailbreak, perhaps this is a good solution.
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