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Hello, I am looking for an application that allows me to record the conversations of my iPhone 5, both incoming and outgoing, no matter how payment, but that is simple, I have seen that most are through the internet, there is no application that simply record all phone calls and ready? thank you very much

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Apple does not allow this type of application, so you're not going to find in the AppStore. If you have a lot of interest, considering the bailbreak see (if you have not already) where you can find (although times can I will not name names because I do not have it or I was interested in the subject.)

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There is no such application. The reason is that an app that does that go against the rules of Apple for the App Store. If you have Jailbreak fact probably if you have something to do
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Besides what you discussed standards AppStore note that at least the Spanish law prohibits recording calls without the knowledge of the caller. If you get the app, consider this as well.
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this is not entirely true, to be part of the conversation I think it's not illegal or something, I remember already discussed this here and someone posting on the official info and it was unclear it was illegal, another thing is that I recorded a conversation in which I did not participate
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I swear that while you participate, must be with the permission of the other party. But from what I've seen on a blog right, you're right.

Personally I do not seem ethical record without informing the other person, but ... it's personal opinion.
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