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hello friends
I  format and install windows in Spanish all that well good at the time meti me the bios to change the date because the system I marked it wrong to turn it asks me password if I put any pass I go wings options bios but not achieving change anything no date or anything or start the boot cd and zilch even try removing the battery for 1 h besides that you disconnect the power supply of the board along with the battery. jumper does not bring any or at least I do not find any jumper to make it clear cmos or at least not and could not take the pass any idea how to remove it? thank you very much in advance

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but take off the battery change the password to continue. Follow the instructions obviously with the cover lifted pc 
. 1 - Locate the connector that feeds power to the main board 
. 2 - Look and see that you have some wires that are arranged in pairs 
. 3 - At one end is a pair of red and yellow, each 
. 4 - On one side of this red wire jumper to be repositioned to clear the cmos password or, as I like to call 
. 5 - In the pc that I have is green jumper, but you will more easily identify the letters that are printed on the base of it and says PSWD (password abbreviation in English) 
. 6 - Change it in position for 10 seconds, you put it in the original position and ready, removed password

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Although not exactly what you told me friend gave me an idea even beside pile wearing a jumper 2 pin only coarse me to remove it and turn the cpu without the jumper and pc me automatically under password diseabled Thanks anyway for your help greetings
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Hey. There are 5 solutions for your problem. You can choose one according to your case:

1. Reset Lost Bios Password by Removing CMOS Battery

2. Use Motherboard Jumper to Remove the Bios Password

3. with MS DOS Command

4. Take Use of CMOSPwd

5. With Backdoor BIOS Password
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