Samsung j7 OTG does not work

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asked Jul 11, 2016 in Android by anonymous

Hello you can help .... my device is a Samsung J7 and if he read the OTG ... but I sent a legend to do something to send all power to another device but not wanting it away.
And after that I stopped reading my USB OTG ...
It is noteworthy that since the USB probe on another device and works perfectly. We greatly appreciate it if you could help me ... I want to avoid the truth send my smartphone with a technician or warranty ... ... uu

3 Answers

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answered Jul 11, 2016 by anonymous

friend happened to me exactly the same from one day to another my ssung j7 stopped recognizing my cable otg no longer recognize my PS3 controller
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answered Nov 19, 2016 by kishor

Otg is not work in my j7 mobiles
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answered May 7 by vinod

In Samsung j7 .I using otg cable last two day anverse  it's not showing now org cable what have to do