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How to Fix Unknown Install Error 961

error 961 solution

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Terminals with the operating system Android have a section that any user has available thousands of applications available for download completely free. This section is called Google Play , and is a shop that all applications (both free and paid) of this operating system are collected. Although the process of application installation is simple, sometimes we can suffer an error that prevents us from downloading and installing an application that had aroused our interest.

One of the most everyday when receiving an error when installing an application from errors Google Play is the Error 961 . This is a mistake that brings a lot of trouble to users, but really the solution to both this error as any similar problem is very simple and requires only a small configuration process to make our Google Play back up and running as it should. Here is how to fix the mistake of Google Play 961 , but you can also follow these steps in the event that we have obtained any other error when trying to install an application on the operating system Android .

Error 961 when installing an application on Android

How to fix error 961 appears when you install an application on Android

  1. First we close the error message we receive when trying to install an update. Then navigate to the main screen of your terminal and access the list of applications (ie, the section in which all our applications appear).
  2. We seek application " Settings "and click on it. It is an application that is represented by the icon of a gear, so we should not have major problems finding it.
  3. Once inside we must turn to the section " Application Manager ".
  4. In this section we have all applications installed on your terminal appear to us in a vertical list. We must find the application of " Google Play Store ", which appears accompanied by the icon of a shopping bag.
  5. Click on this application and we will open a new screen with different options. We click on two buttons: first on the button " Clear Data "and then on the button" Clear Cache ". With this procedure we will be cleaning up all the data to the application, which should help to keep us reappears the same error when trying to install some software on your terminal.
  6. Now we just have to exit the setup screen (back to the main screen of the terminal), enter the application of Google Play and try to download again the application in which we are interested. In principle we should no longer receive an error message.

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In reality, however, you do keep receiving the error ...
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1) Power off your phone.

2) Hold volume up/down & power simultaneously until you see the Boot Mode Selection Menu

3) Use volume down to navigate to ‘Recovery’, use volume up to select. You should see screen with triangle and exclamation point next to an Android.

4) Press volume up/down simultaneously to go into system recovery.

5) Use volume rocker to navigate to ‘wipe cache’ and use power button to select

6) Once finished, use volume rocker to navigate to ‘reboot system now’ and use power button to select.

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to do this, go into your phone’s settings, then Applications (or Apps or Application Manager), swipe to the left to ”All” and scroll down until you find Google Play, tap on it.

2) In the app information page, tap on the button to empty the cache.

3) If this doesn’t solve the problem, try to delete the data from the Play Store which is found on the same page (Settings > Manage applications > Google Play > Delete data). This will most probably work, since it had worked in my case when I suffered with the problem in my android.

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