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Hi all,
Wear long time with my iPhone 4S Jailbreak 6.1.2 version and everything was going swimmingly until a few days ago. It turns out that I saw on the screen of my iPhone's App Store logo always telling me I had to upgrade a few applications. I went as usual to update, and when clicked on the tab "Updates", I found the message: "All apps are up to date"! Within this tab "Updates", then went on "Purchased" to see the list of all applications associated with my Apple ID and appeared empty! I tried several times to disconnect my Apple ID and reconnect and still have the same problem. So I see how the flagship applications in App Store update will be growing day by day and can not do anything to update. Also, if I try to download any new application from the App Store or me the message that "this application requires iOS 7" or me appears "the terms and conditions of iTunes have changed, you must accept before discharge" and when I click on appears "OK", it opens me a blank page.
In short, it seems that Apple has somehow detected that I have my iPhone 4S with Jailbreak and me are "inviting" to remove somehow. Note that I have the same Apple ID on my iPad Jailbreak mini also in version 7.0.4 and everything works like a charm me.
Sorry if I have not written in the right place or if there is another thread with the same problem, but I've been reading the forum before posting and I have not seen anything similar.
Thank you in advance.

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In my case I have the same and 7 without JB. Must be a fault in the Appstore.
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Is technology advances in unison and many applications, services, security, stability and performance of idevices and applications themselves are inevitably linked to a previous operating system. 
Honestly, I can not imagine my iPad2 and my iPhone 4s iOS 7.1.1 without have never worked or have not provided me with much satisfaction for use as now. 
The question of having or not having JB has always been and will be a personal decision and it is respected, but I understand that it makes no sense to be so backward in iOS 6. 
A iOS 7.1.1 iPhone 4s is in its golden age in performance and functionality ... no reason not to take this pearl. 
The iOS 7.1.1 is currently the most advanced operating system on the planet for smartphones and tablets and persist in iOS 6 is simply unheard of. 
I tried App Store and not look any problem at the moment. In this LINK you can always check the status of all Apple systems.
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first of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your answer.
I answer in parts because I think my initial approach has now been divided into 2 different topics:
1. Vs iOS iOS 6 7 you raise: I think this gives to another separate thread. But, trying to summarize, the decision not to upgrade to iOS 7 is simply because not imagine my iPhone without SBSettings and Zephyr, and these do not work on iOS 7. iOS 7 has improved some shortcuts sliding from below, but neither appear nor can open all the locked screen, and both are a yes with SBSettings. And above all, Zephyr allows me to not touch the button on my iPhone, or for multitasking, or to return to the home screen, or anything, and in the end what I look for in a mobile phone for ease of use, which I provide these two tweaks. Of course, the most important thing is functionality, until a few days ago and everything was going perfectly, so why change something if you is perfect? And most importantly: What Does iOS 7 for further assert that in iOS 6 is something unusual? I guess it really brings a lot of things (which do not know) to have made such a categorical statement.
. 2 Problem with App Store for which I opened the thread: it seems that this is not a problem in iOS6/iOS7 Jailbreak or by the remark made Alesr5.
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I just try again and it works fine. Join the Appstore, updates, and I bought all the apps appear. Try again, maybe there was a temporary failure Appstore. 
I do not like JB, but boy I long to see Zephyr on the Appstore!
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Nothing to me is failing me all the time ... not looking good thing! :? 
Alesr5 to you and you do well, right? By the way, you said you do not like JB ... and that? To me is that unless this problem I'm having now, I have always been phenomenal. And since pivek has not answered me, what you see great improvements to iOS you 7? My girlfriend has iPhone 4S with iOS 7 and even though I fret apart from aesthetics, I can not see these wonders about iOS 6. 
Thank you indeed!
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I'm slowly:
With the iPhone without JB, I can only do what Apple allows me to do. With JB, I get restless and I keep trying tweaks ... until the device fails. Always happened to me with the Ipad. When that happens and I have to restore, there is already a new ios has no JB. And in those periods without JB the device never fails. Of all the tweaks, there were only two who really interested me: Zephyr and Annyatach. But never worked in ios 6 JB (at least until more than a year ago, my time having definitively left the JB.'s Annyatach I sold, but I do not like putting my credit card credit anywhere. Databases that contuenen payment information are the most popular.
So I decided that I preferred a device with two less stable tweaks but invariably one should restore after trying some tweak incompatible.
When I arrived by chance ios7. I do not see big improvements, but I think there is one that is not in ios 6 (not remember exactly, but you can check it as it is the ios you have): slide from the bottom up and have a direct conacceso menu Lantern , wifi, airplane mode, bluetooth, music player and some other things. I think that's why I stayed in ios7, which could have ruled since installed it on their beta versions, so he could still return to ios6. The new interface ended up liking me. And both the phone and the ipad work very well. When I bought the Iphone, the Ipad and Iphone ios7 had had ios6. By taste (7 interface looks ugly at first, but then you get caught) it went up to ios7. I had a technical reason, just my personal taste. And it works brilliantly.
And finally, I will say that my two devices are to be old gadgets. Is the ipad 2 and iPhone 4s. And still work excellently with ios7. Android or Windows is impossible to advance two steps in the versions of the operating system without the devices or PCs from becoming slow and unstable. Therefore, my experience in ios7 has been, and is, very good. And I'm very happy to have an Ipad running at full 2011 and updated in 2014.
My opinion is that an iPhone costs the two Sansung. But do what you usually hard to last three Samsung.
That's my experience and my reasons for ios7 without JB. A greeting and I hope I've helped.
As for applications, I understand that we are no longer at the time that the Office cost U $ S 200. Apps now cost the same as a pack of cigarettes. Therefore, I do not need to hack. What I bought it and in my Apple account, and have not spent fifty dollars. Another reason for not having JB. If the apps will cost the price of a Windows or an official playstation game would not hesitate to have the JB to not drain my wallet. But if the software is available now, I do not mind spending it. I'm not compulsive, I must have one ten paid apps and I think I'm exaggerating.
The other thing I've found over time is that there are infinite versions of native applications. Lots of mailers, calendars, agendas, etc.. Try, and always returned to native apps.
The truth is that I'm very comfortable and happy with both devices. And I give them many hours of use every day and not only work very well: it gives pleasure to use.
I bought my Ipad when Jobs died. I said "something must have designed this man." And actually, years later, is that I do not use computers. When I pay a tablet of another brand, well below the notice.
I am one of those who regarded Apple snob thing. And now I understand that the "user experience". Because it's not a Mercedes Benz and Fiat, where immediately notes the differences. In the're noticing idevices with use. With ios7 me the same thing happened.
I hope you serve! Greetings. I've been too long and repetitive, ha ha
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I have an iPad 2 and iPhone 4s iOS 6.1 without JB from Alesr5 like .. and everything you say in your post I absolutely agree. 
Indeed, I was surprised that their motivations for not having JB are mine and in the end we will end with all native applications without the mercantilist pageantry: the end of the day, it is the minimalism of iOS 7 and the end to * skeumorfismo the last of Apple. 
The only exception is with Safari, which for me my demands navigation is rustic and primitive. 
* as skeumorfismo connotes "lifelike or preserve the real form" I think the term 'eumorfísmo "in medicine means" preserving naturally' should be used and in the case of designs and layout would "preserve the form to which present reality "
Add that the term "minimalist" means not only simplicity of design, but also simplicity in the UI
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osky to anything you were too long or repetitive, you explained perfectly all your feelings with your pots and both versions of Apple iOS ... thank you!!
Honestly, I agree with you on almost everything! I say "almost" because there are only a couple of details that differ, but in general, we have ways to see it all quite similar.
On the multiple applications available for mailers, calendar, etc.., I agree with you that I finally, after much testing, I just returning native, except with the browser, I am a fixed Chrome rather than mostly because I like to have everything synchronized across my devices, and to see one's browsing history and share other favorites on all devices.
About payment applications, we also agree. Today, in general, applications have affordable prices and I think it's fair to pay for something that has required hours and hours of work of developers so that we can finally enjoy it. We have become accustomed to Hack and free things, and I think it is not at all fair, since there is a great work and effort behind. By this, when I want an application, payment and the point even having the option to have the free descargármela JB. To do otherwise, as I said, I think injustísimo and we're talking over 2 or 3 euros or even less often. Spare me those "insignificant" euro is not at all the reason I have the JB; I have (and today I see must) because it provides functionality and comfort in the "user experience" that Apple does not give me their iOS without JB, neither more nor less. In the end, I use are 3 or 4 tweaks, no more (and perhaps this is the key to the stability of my iPhone 4S with JB), but these few tweaks that make it seem another iOS, at least from my view. Above all, make the "user experience" that you comment is completely different. Okay that iOS 7 have already integrated the option you speak of moving from below a few shortcuts (which had to be developed for centuries given that any Android has everything sliding the taskbar), but I and this they have done well, since neither are any shortcuts (you do not have access to data, 3G or location!) or such accesses are configurable, to put each user use more often. In short, I think they far behind the demands of users in this regard and if you devote this much time and effort would make the JB were almost abandoned. Sometimes, the fact that they do so poorly in this regard, makes me doubt that really interests them the JB there and has people interested in detecting vulnerabilities in its operating systems.
The mine itself has been a major hassle, but wanted to share my impressions with you all (with you) in the same way you've done it! : -: -:
Thank you again!
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