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How to "Reply" or "Quote" messages in chat groups and WhatsApp

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Responses are active in all devices with iOS and Android operating system are compatible with the latest version of instant messaging app, WhatsApp. The activation process is very simple, for this we simply have to:

  • Open the app WhatsApp.
  • Enter a chat, remember that this feature makes more sense within the group messages.
  • Press and hold on a message sent by someone in a chat room or in a group.
  • Passing a moment we can see how a contextual menu on the message.
  • Select the second "Reply" option, which is among the options to bookmark and Copy.
  • Clicking Reply we can see how we will be redirected to our keyboard and we can write our message, however, we will see the message "quoted" that will be placed next to the publication of our text or message. This citation messages automatically work when using WhatsApp rapid responses when we respond through a notification, unlike as with Telegram.
The result is that we see our response to that message along, the graphics messages other aspect will not change. With this is achieved we can "highlight" the relationship between our response and the original message.

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