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What's new in ios8

what is the differencies in ios 8

ios 8 beta how to install it

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Monday Day 2 in San Francisco, Apple will make the official presentation of mobile devices IOS8 company.
Besides the typical rumors about its content and features which will not go into this post, if I would like the forum users had clear which is what will happen on Monday.
On Monday 8 present the IOS but not officially launch until after the summer, which will be launched on Monday will be what is called the first BETA, ie the Beta 1.
The Beta is a "version" test with 2 main objectives:
Test the own version to identify faults (bugs) or improvements that can be implemented.
Make available to developers IOS8 version so they in turn will adapt applications to the new features the new IOS or go adding to applications.
This implies that the Beta versions can be downloaded legally ONLY the developers with developer account. They are files that is illegal to distribute freely, so in this forum will not provide links to such Betas and remove links that may provide uninformed users.
In parallel there is a "market" entering the "alegealidad" providing installation rights for a price that is usually around € 3/5, ie a person with developer account "sell" rights to install for that price and you gets into your mailing list so you can install the beta without problems. Note that if you are not on the list of a developer as much as the beta went down to your pc / mac in principle can not install.
Note that while the Betas are still alive will live alongside the latest available version, 7.1.1 in this case. That means that if we have the right setup can go from 8.0 to 7.1.1. smoothly in both directions. Although Apple typically warn that once wore a beta can not downgrade, historically it has been done without problems, I do not think this will change ...
About the Beta and Jailbreak:
During the period there Betas numbers I do not expect news regarding JB iOS 8 hackers in the world JB you make your tests but will not release any new tool during this period because Apple would have leeway to close with iOS 8 final.

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Thank you! 
To see if there is much change 
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ı like ios 8
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